Fusing dna rolls in the lows

alright…I think I speak for everyone when I say I am sick of getting just 10 DNA FOR A FUSION attempt for dinos that either rarely spwn in an area or have a high cost value, OR BOTH. It just it was tolerable with jurassic world the game, but on alive!? By far the most anoying thing on this game. More anoying than dinos spawning in the supply drop battles. More anoying then owen grady constatntly telling us to slow dow! Just please…remove the odds of getting just 10 dna from a fusion attempt. Just that. I can stand getting twenty, thirty. Thats fine!


Think I’d be happy if they made it so you can’t get the same amount twice in a row. I don’t mind the odd 10 but not… 10 10 10


This has been brought up in 50 threads and ludia never addresses and I will be shocked if they ever change it! Pleased but shocked! I have stated over and over that this is the worst thing! Perhaps a massive email campaign is called for!

how, exactly, would you have them address it?

Simple! change the minimum fusion depending on the rarity! Fusing a common 10 rare 20 epic 30 etc!

Also give the ability to do more than one fusion at a time

They can also base the minimum on players level

You have to watch out for certain moves each Dino makes. For example all raptors will tap their right claw on the floor hit fuse button as soon as they do it. Steogodeus when it turns it head to the left. All long necks when they tilt there head down. Each Dino has a certain move to get more than ten when fusing.

but, isn’t your first suggestion already allowed for by the lowering amount of total dna it takes to level up a common, rare, epic, etc?

more fusions at time, i do somewhat understand - the amount of clicking to get a suchotator, for example, to level 21 is rather criminal.

Is this true? Never heard anything like this before.

he’s winding you up, mate.

Lol figures, was all ready to escape the 10 factory too, dangit :persevere:

Yes and also holding your phone between your legs works!

I heard saying Jumangi 3 times is guaranteed to get you 90

Go try it x

Dangit Mark!

May a thousand rabid camels infest your underwear!

What do ya do for postmetridon? It’s the only one I actually want to level up at the moment

It takes a step to the left then it’s right foot comes forward like it’s going to pounce.hit the fuse button when it puts it’s left foot down. All the crocs do it

You misunderstood! I meant the rarity of the actual hybrid would determine the minimum! Example Einasuchus is a rare hybrid minimum you get is 20! Forget the common I don’t think there is a common hybrid!

Spinothraptor would be 30 as it’s epic
Indominus would be 40 legendary
Indoraptor would be 50 as it’s a unique

And basically remove 10 completely

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The problem is that they want you to work hard to get the big hybrids and dinosaurs that is why the average DNA is so low. Likewise rarer dinosaurs are never going be allowed to give you more DNA for the same reason. You want them you have to play the long game as frustrating as it is.

Or getting 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

I agree with u on that Rolybert, I’m sick of getting 10s constantly…once in a while sure, but 6x straight…an email campaign is a great idea for sure

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