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Fusing DNA


When fusing dinosaurs it is very frustrating to see only 10 DNA points come up constantly after all the work put into getting to that point. I get 20 - 50 on extremely rare occasions. Maybe make it a set amount instead of random chance. Or maybe a different base amount for Epic, Legendary or Unique. It is hard enough to get 500 DNA for a Velociraptor and even finding a T-rex to only get 10 Indominous DNA at a time.


I don’t like the randomness when fusing. If you are really unlucky you get 0 DNA.
If we play long enough the randomness should be evened but still.

But according to studies our brain loves gambling and game developers add in the gamble wherever they can apparently. So every time you click it, your brain anticipates a huge amount of DNA which raises your dopamine level.


Random is okay but 10 points shouldn’t be a thing. Especially not for when you combine rares. Spend 1 month getting enough trex dna to fuse and get 10 points. I just fused a dino and got 10 points 4/6 fuses. 10 points is just too low at least 20 come on.


I spent about a month fusing stegodeous then it went mental and I got 220 dna in 3 fuses :grimacing:


All of my actively fusing hybrids are benched. I keep getting 10 DNA per fusion, though. Rarely if ever have I gotten higher than 40. That was a 90 - last month! LOL

I know there’s supposed to be some sort of pattern to it, but I still haven’t seen it.


I do a lot of math with all of the fusing I do to find out averages and stuff like that, and it seems like the average amount of DNA I’ll get is about 20-30. Somewhere in that range. Meaning that if you fuse an entire level, that’s the average DNA you’ll have per fuse by the end. It’s definitely on the weak end of things. Small attempts (like 5-10 fuses) will fluctuate since it’s not that many tries and you could get mostly high or low numbers. But with a large fusing session, the average is somewhere around 25 DNA when finished.