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Fusing every hybrid in the game

Is it a good idea? Because if it won’t hurt my progression too much, I would very much like to. I’m still at that stage in the game where even the Common hybrids are useful, so I’ll certainly be able to use any hybrids I fuse.

If more hybrids are going to get Superhybrids in the future, hybrids that would otherwise not get me very far would remain useful for longer, maybe even into the endgame. If they don’t, I can always keep them for the sake of unlocking every creature in the game, and to admire their designs.

So, thoughts?

L10 Hybrid is weaker than at least 1 of the parents.

If you can’t make a L20 Hybrid, you are moving backwards.


Not everything in this game is about useful or not useful.
Here is my answer:


@Tommi do you have Rajasaurus unlocked?

I have everything unlocked except aquatic Liosochtodon which I have in my pipeline next week or the week after.


@Tommi Oh, meaning you have been consistently playing ever since it came out? Lucky…

That or you started before the battle stages were reworked…

No, I started 3.5 years ago.

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@Tommi cool… actually I started since it came out in 2015, but I didn’t have the idea of saving progress across devices or facebook login… needless to say, most of the dinosaurs are locked for me XD

And the Monday events keep circulating the same creatures. We’ve never had Supersaurus, Parasaurolophus, Euplocephalus, Rajasaurus, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Nasutoceratops, Corythosaurus or Pyroraptor ever since the battle stages were reworked.

I really hope that common unlock week is coming soon, I need Coloborhynchus, Bonitasaura, Pelecanimimus and Toujiangosaurus (you know, the one I faced off against Indoraptor gen 2 a few days back XD) to complete my common collection…


When I started common and rare were very fast available, but it took almost 3 years before I got the last legendary.


Oh… I would really love it if they actually gave us unlocks for seperate creatures apart from the existing revolution spin wheel (see what I did there?) of those creatures that have already been circulated at least 20 times.