Fusing for APEX is a quesion how authority is used and abused

Dear Forum,

The beginning of fusing for APEX will change the perspective of the game.

Thousands of players have unique dinos at level 30, while fusing for APEX only need level 25. This is an abuse of the powerment and the agreement how the game should be played!

For years the level 30 have been the last stop of evolvement and players have now lost control of the game. Why keep level anyhing beyond level 25?

The stages between level 25-30 takes a lot of progression! It is not fair to change the rules of how dinos should be used.

This implamentation should been introduced when the game was new so players diden’t level uniqes to level 30!

Otherwise APEX should be fused from level 30 with all the remaining DNA that accumelate while playing the game!

How do you feel when APEX now is level 25?
Have you leveled up the unique TESTA and feel sorry Ludia have changed the rules?



I agree that it’s not quite fair to have the rug pulled out from under you like that. But fusing from level 30 wouldn’t be a good idea. Fused dinos are always 1 level higher than the level required to make them, so a fusion of level 30 dinos would be level 31… which doesn’t exist. So Ludia would need to make new levels, and that wouldn’t be good since ALL dinos would again need to be raised to this new max level in order to be relevant in the tip arenas. You already noted how leveling from 25 to 30 can be a slog, and leveling beyond 30 would be even more of a grind. Since Apex raids give you the dino at level 26, level 25 makes sense as the Apex fusion level.

It’s annoying to have overleveled anything, but it’s better than the alternative in this case. And at least many level 30 uniques are still useful in their own right: just because you only need Testa at level 25 doesn’t mean a level 30 Testa won’t still do well on your team considering how strong it is.


nothing really changes tho. you can still level things to 30 if you want, like how people still level legendary hybrids and the like to 30 even tho they can get a hybrid. you can still collect dna for those lv 30 uniques and put it towards this new thing.

also fusing for apex at lv 30 makes no sense when they’re unlocked at 26.

i kinda figured ludia would go this route eventually when apexes were introduced. just didnt think they would make a brand new one the star of the show over apexes that were in the game longer.


Personally the problem is how they broke their rules that have been followed since the beginning of the game and need no changing. Until now superhybrids were the end of the line and every superhybrid just required 3 non hybrid dinos at max. Then came the bear deer that requires 5 components 2 of which are exclusive while compc and paralux were screaming to get a probably weird looking flock apex that could easily be balanced with playtesting. Another example of lydia cluelessly going overboard w their game


That’s not a problem because
A. In chase of arctovasilas even high level players will have to wait for it’s components to roam free and you need to collect enough dna to level it up and to get the hybrid up to level 25
B. In case you think arctovasilas is broken like testa he really isn’t. I’ve tested it on tool box and he is surprisingly balanced or doesn’t easily defeated other top tiers

That doesn’t make sense. The unlock level for apexes always have been 26 and that’s the max level even for apexes. That’s like wanting to have something instantly unlocked on max level

It honestly is something good. If apexes wouldn’t became fusable they would have ended up replacing eachother wich wouldn’t have been fair for low level players or those who haven’t unlocked any

But that is the problem, atleast for me. Bear deer is probably the most time consuming grind for a creature until now considering its 5 different components, of which are epics and 2 are exclusives, then theres coins for fusing and leveling, RNG on the fuses and boosting. And then what if it is broken or not, either way lydia can decide to buff the heck out of it for a patch then gut it the next 1 with our boosts held hostage and our coins wasted. And to even do half of what I said is either to stare at your screen for hours or spend a ton of $$$ on an even more ludicrous scale of previous cash cows


You could slow the game’s growth a lot if you start applying this mentality in other places too.
“Hey, why would you make this Unique so meta, making everyone level her up to lvl 30, and a couple of releases later introduce a new Meta unique that will require a ton of DNA from one of her components. If I knew I would have saved the DNA and have them both at lvl27 instead”.

If they start tiptoeing around how some of the playerbase could have played the game so far and wouldn’t be happy about the upcomming changes, they will have less and less things to add to the game.

It’s not that much of a problem. Some players has ingredients at Lvl 30 before it’s hybrid or even before you creating them.

It’s not always been like this either. Before the major changes started max level on any creature WAS 26 just as Aviary WAS end game.

Getting those extra levels and extra arena’s WAS specifically implemented to oblige the players who were at that finish playing statically.

Also… like with any new hybrid it’s always a challenge deciding if you’re gonna level a certain creature beyond fusing level or not. Common unlock at 1, rare at 6, epic at 11, legendary at 16 and unique at 21. Apex unlocks at 26 so they are following their line and all ingredients to any hybrid can be levelled up way passed the required fusing level before a new hybrid is introduced, honesty nothing really changed here :woman_shrugging:t3:

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It’s fine.

Anyone who thought about it knew that we would be able to fuse them and the only logical level it could be done from is 25 to give the apex room to grow and since they h look at 26 it should be another giveaway.

Nobody told anyone to level unique to level 30. Everyone who’s been playing has done this and probably has extra unique dna saved up. Especially from championships. We’ve had testa twice now I believe so everyone should have tons of components for this bear aside from the new parts which will be the bottle neck.

I have many rare and epic at level 30. I’m not complaining that they get hybrids at level 10, 15, or 20. I still have all their hybrids and have still leveled them to 30. Who cares? This gives everyone more time to play the game. After you unlock it all then what?

Everyone is at the same level as this. I’m sure people with the level 30 max boosted testa will also be the ones to have the apex and level it up first. I bet they won’t complain.

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That is truly interesting… So based on your hard work, I guess it’s still better to go for Testa (hoping it won’t be nerfed) instead of Acrtovasilas? Or is it a very close call and completing the collection would be worth doing the extra work and going after Arcto? If you kept notes, it would be nice if you could give us more information about your tests for sure. (And if not, thanks for that bit of insight!)

Not entirely. He does fine against testa with the damage increase and it’s fierce move. He can also easily survive devastation with it’s armor, shield and heal. He also probaby will be good for cunning apexes so you should go for him

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I hate Testa with a passion (though lately I’m fighting more Parasauthops, so I may change my opinion soon…). So thanks, going for the Apex then.
On the other side, I don’t understand players who use Testa or Para since it does make for such loooooonnnnng fights… Maybe it’s a case of if you cannot beat them, join them? :slight_smile:

When deciding whether Arctovasilas or Testa is better, it’s not really about who beats the other in a 1v1, but which one fares better overall against a larger portion of meta-relevant dinos. Testa itself is very meta, so having a good matchup against it helps, but it’s not enough by itself to say whether Arcovasilas will be good/bad or better/worse than Testa.

Yeah I think it’s that people use them when winning matters more than time invested per battle. Even if it takes twice as long, a win is a win. And right now these dinos are the most likely to get you that win. Plus, having one 10 minute fight that you win is more efficient than having two 5 minute fights if you lose half of them.

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@real_gambler That’s exactly what it’s is… ‘If you can’t beat em join em’

I can’t stand the deer either, nor anything that drags a battle out. Never bothered with Grypo either for the same reason.

But I suppose it’s each to their own, and if it’s a necessity to progress everyone needs to leave their personal issues behind.

I see no reason why fusing shouldn’t be started at 25, and since it’s on a Dino that so many have already got over that it kinda makes sense that many players will be a bit miffed. Since I haven’t even begun fusing it it doesn’t bother me at all :rofl:

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I agree, but trust me, if I don’t have one of the rare counters in my team to beat Testa/Para, you can be sure they still will have to beat all four of my dinos to get the win… No way I’m giving an easy win… As such, I’ll have to time my next few matches, because they seem way longer that 10 minutes :slight_smile: Seriously, it’s like killing 8 dinos when they show up, damage wise.

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Just saying testa doesn’t seem to overpower arctovasilas. We need to have people getting him first to say how he’s in the arena

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And I agree that that’s a good thing. But yeah, we need more data and more matchups before we know how good Acrto is over all.