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Fusing Gen 2 DNA into Gen 1

I believe there should be some kind of feature in the game where you can merge DNA from a gen 2 creature into the gen 1 version, or vice versa. Of course this would have to be balanced, otherwise people would abuse it too easily. I’m thinking something like if you have 500 Stygimoloch gen 2 DNA you can fuse or modify it to create a random amount of normal Stygimoloch DNA just like fusing hybrids. I think this would help to motivate people to collect weaker creatures who don’t have good hybrids and to give more use to them in general. It would obviously also give other ways to obtain small amounts of DNA from extremely rare creatures which some people barely if ever even come across.

it seems cool, but i dont think its worth it as not every dino has a gen 2 and they have different types of dna as indom g2 in its description is an alteration from the first 1 so it might not even make sense realisticly

I guess so, but maybe to combat that hybrids don’t count, and it only works for normal “pure” dinosaurs. Ludia has been adding a lot of new gen 2’s aswell, so maybe at some future point there’ll be one for every normal dino or creature, but maybe that’s overkill.

it could be used, but will take a long time to make a g2 for every dino

There is a reason you can’t easily obtain DNA for certain creatures that are needed.
Now, if it cost the players money to be able to do as you suggest, Ludia will do it.

Yeah. Plus some Gen 2s are better (or at least a higher rarity) than their gen 1 versions (e.g. Spinosaurus). I think to stay fair, they should just treat them like separate creatures, as they do now.

Odd, I’ve actually had more success with Spino1 when I’m tourneys (even in RE)

It might be better overall, but my point is that shouldn’t they fuse to the higher rarity, right?

Yeah, but having the option to go backwards would make sense too

I think you think it works better cuz it’s used more in rate tourneys than g2 is in epic tourneys. Spino g2 can cleanse while spino breaks shield more. Overall spino g2 has better stats. It making spino into g2 doesn’t make sense. They’re essentially different species

Even then, I’ve still had more success with G1, I guess FS is really that good

Yes, idk why spino g2 is worse tho. I think they just wanted to make it diffetent

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