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Fusing hybrid after level 30

Hi there,
I have my first hybrid at level 30. YES!! :slight_smile:

But… what’s next? I can still fuse my Thoradolosaur, but I don’t know what does it mean?
I have 118… something, which, apparently, is not maximum.
Can somebody tell me, if it make sence to fuse the hybrid further?
And what these 118 points mean?
Thanks a lot!

I don’t think it means anything, its just the spare dna you had before maxing it I guess.
Unless ludia for some reason adds lvl 40’s or higher to the game, that dna is useless and doesn’t mean anything


no reason except if the dino gets a hybrid which generally not uniques

The dna is useless for uniques but other rarities have hybrids so you’d still fuse those guys