Fusing legendaries for 10 dna


So I posted a topic a few days ago about fusing and possibly upping the minimum dna for legendary and above. Well here I am now, having fused for pyritator and got 3 10’s in a row which seems off. Not only that, in the last 9 tries on all dinosaurs, I got 7 10’s and all of them were legendaries…I cry


My last 6 fuses for the megalosuchus has been 10s and kapros are so hard to find now. They were everywhere in my local zone prior to the update. It just is what it is :man_shrugging:t3:

A positive outloook, you are 10 pts closer to creating that legendary.


In the long run, you’ll only average about 20-30 DNA per fuse. You’ll get a bunch of 10s sometimes but it’ll even out over time. I’ve tested it a bunch by fusing entire levels for dinos, and it always comes out around 20-30 for the average.