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Hey Guys,

I think it´s very frustrating getting 10 DNA especially when it´s on a unique you saved up for for days or even weeks and it happens 40% of the time …
So why is it programmed to have your user be frustrated with the fusing 40% of the time?

I think this should be reworked so the minimum DNA-Rate you can get is 20 - so it isn´t half of the second worst case. Also the most likely case should be somewhere in the middle, maybe 50 DNA. So you can have bad luck, but it doesn´t happen all the time.

It wouldn´t even be hard to implement with dinosaur-costs. Just calculate the average DNA you will get divide throught the old one and multiply the costs with that factor.

This wouldn´t really change much, only have us less frustrated with fusing luck and make the fusing process feel more balanced.

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50 average? Are you crazy? I like good fusions as much as anyone else but this is just bad for balance.

Besides, if 20 becomes the new 10, people will complain about 20 and demand 30. Then they’ll demand 40.

It’s best to just not do anything with it.


I’m with Bobby on this 1. The 10s suck but the point is, its supposed to be a grind. People are asking everyday for shortcuts and its frustrating, we are handed a LOT for free that I and other had to go out and find a year ago. You shouldn’t have endgame dinos a month in and 1 of the things maintaining that balance is the 10 fuse.


yeah you both did not get what I was talking about. I’m not asking for shortcuts …

you get 50 average, then the costs of dinosaurs also get multiplied by a facor of 2.5
so instead of 250 dna to unlock a unique you need 625 or 620/630 for an even number.

and about the 20s and 30s - I also wrote about that. Yes you still get bad fusions, but 10 is half of 20 so it sucks more to get that. Its a milder slope with that system.

think before you type.

If you change the amount of DNAs you need to unlock an Unique Hybrid. You need change it on every other Rarity.

50 is too much. Maybe 20 for Legendary and 30 for Unique.

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that was an example - of course you change every dinosaur cost. To level up, darting and everything. The system is just ment to make the fusion process less frustrating. So you don’t get 10s all the time.
In average you will level up at the same speed. Just with different numbers.

The only thing that would change is that you don’t save 2 weeks to level up a unique and then get three 10s

Just make it 25 per fuze. Most averages I’ve done over thousands of DNA fuzing comes out to 23 or so. This way you know what you need and can plan better. And make it where you can select the amount of fuzes you can do at once as long as you have the DNA. Can have a drop down to select 1 thru 10 or a max fuze button. 25 dna per whatever DNA requirement

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Implementing the kind of change you’re asking will upset may players that have spent the time and resources to fuse these creatures, 10 at a time or otherwise. Yes its frustrating to get 10s 3 + times in a row, but thats the reality of it. I’ve delt with if for every hybrid i really wanted to unlock. Indo g1, had a streak of 6 in a row. Tryko was a bit luckier, still had 3-4 10s in a row. Indo g2, 7 10s.

It’s basically a slot machine. Flashing lights and the potential to “Win big” with up to 100 dna. They’re good at taking your resources, but will eventually give back what you put in if you stay long enough and know when to stop. Having a streak of 10s may be annoying, but it’s all that more satisfying to finally break out of it with a 30. Even more so the higher the number.

I don’t see a point in changing the outcome of fusing just to have an extremely easy way to get hybrids. Many are meant to be hard to get. Changing the fusing rates will change the balance of the game. And in order to balance that out, as you said, more dna will be required for each fuse. If it costs more for each fuse, what do we do with those who’ve already spent the current set of dna per fues? How do we make it fair, or do we say tough luck? And 20 would just become the new 10 again. It will be a vicious cycle that doesn’t need to come about.

I see this a lot. No offense, but many of people ask for major changes without thinking about all the questions that have to be asked. I’m not talking about DC or Proceratho. Creature balance should be determined by the player base to some degree. I’m talking about things like this topic and changes to daily spawns, as in changing out the creatures. I like to think about all the possibilities to major changes before they can be implemented. If I can’t come up with a fair way to implement an idea, I wouldn’t ask for it until I could.

With out a complete reset for everyone that’s spent coin/ dna/ dino cash/ and or real money, I don’t see a relatively fair way to implement this idea. If you have one, please share. I’d like to hear it.


Can you ban @IsaW

Lol why? He just got a little salty about nobody liking his idea :smirk:

Aaaaand nevermind. Pompous ego revealed and it’s only his 1st day here. :rofl:


Fuses are fine as they are. Double amount of DNA per fuse would lead to an inflation on the market and would require an increase in required DNA amount for leveling your dinos just to keep the balance


Don’t forget it would imbalance matchmaking :wink:


I remember making a post similar a long time ago and it got the same responses as what you are getting now. You are losing the battle man there is no way to bounce back from it. Yes I get the 10 fuse is a nuisance and can be frustrating. It would throw everything out of whack and cause an inevitable snowball effect if it was removed.

If you get stuck getting multiple 10’s and 20’s move to a useless creature and wait till you fuse a 30-40. Then go back to your real dino fuses.


Wow this is really sad guys.

Ok i’ll try to explain it, even tho he already did.

Imagine you have 100 bucks in your pocket, ice cream costs 1 dollar and you make 1000 a month as an example.

His suggestion would just make it so you have 200 bucks in your pocket, ice cream costs 2 dollars and you make 2000 a month.

Except it’s all DNA. You get more, you pay more, and what you have is inflated by the same amount.

It would literally change nothing at all. But you would get different r and g with fuses, so you still get the same amount average but it feels better since you don’t get the minimum most of the time.

It’s actually a nice idea but I think ludia wont do it, cause people obviously don’t get it :grinning:

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What he’s asking is for a major game mechanic change. If fuse rates change, a majority of everything else needs to change to make it balanced. The amount of DNA needed per fuse will increase. The amount you get from darting will possibly need an increase. With both of those, sanctuary interactions will need an increase. It might end up being the same progression in the long run, but rng factors change. The amount of coin needed to fuse for it will decrease if the total dna cost doesn’t increase. It’s a huge change to the game. I’m not saying I’m not for it, but how would Ludia implement this when they are already a year and a half into the game. There is no precedent for this. If they do it like boosts, many would be frustrated on having to redo everything for hybrids, possibly everything else since darts gather more dna and the cost to level up would increase for everything, not just the hybrids. There are so many ways too upset the player base with this proposal. It’s not just a fuse rework, it’s a game overhaul, and isn’t that simple to add.

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No thank you. I’ll take this current system.

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it would change literally nothing at all

So…why even bother taking the time to do it?


Exactly, double the minimum double the requirement? What’s the point? Are we also doubling Per dart DNA? Then we also have to double your stockpile but what about caps? Gotta double those too I guess. The end result of all that reprogramming would be a dozen post complaining about 20 fuses.


People get banned way too easily here, please just let people argue. If you don’t want to be a part of it, leave the topic.

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