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Anybody else seem that the fusing today an yesterday has been even worse then normal. I have been getting 90% 10 fuses a few 20 an I did get one 50 but just seems to be worse…


I fused one Dino last night and that’s all it was 10 10 10 etc. now we just wait for someone to come along and say they got eight 100 fuses in a row and everything is right in the world again.


Holy crap thought I only had bad luck, but in that time I also had very bad fuses! O.O
Dozens of 10s when I did fuses on Allosino and Thor and also Pyrri. Same time window (does this even exist in English? :joy:)?

I’ve actually had a lot of good fusing in the past 24 hours. I find there are cycles. I’ll have stretches of lots of 10’s with a couple 20’s and 30’s thrown in and then will have a stretch of a higher number of big fuses. It always hurts with it’s a 10 or 20 on a unique :frowning:

Yeah I usually don’t complain about it cause 10 come every so often like 3 or 4 in a row but now it seemed like I got 10 in a row never seen this since I been playing from the start… I did get a 50 fuse on my tryko an was able to create it which I won’t complain about :laughing::laughing:

I wanted to say thats BS, but rly I got only 10 on all legendaries today, and twice 20 on unique sooo

I also looked at this post and thought, nah. Here I am, many many 10’s later. Though it is most likely just bad luck.

I thought maybe since they were giving us such good Dino’s this week they cut down on high fuses to counter people from unlocking uniques haha

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They have been pulling this for any dino that fueses from a hybrid epic. It is just another way of trying to force people into spending money to by dollars to then buy coins.

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In last 24 hrs fusion was pretty good for me
Allosino -40

Lol this was yesterday-
image image

I fused Thor, got 40, then 20, then 40. Fusing is working for me!

That’s awesome glad ur having some good luck with it …mine seems to be still alotta 10 but think it’s just bad luck for me…

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me too, i fuse every hybrid i could to be very sure and just 10 after 10 :c


Yeah strange,i usually get average or above average now,no matter what hybrid i always get 10 on this week i only got A couple 20s and 30s

I got 10 10s on Erlidom now and two 30s. U can imagine my pain. -.-

Unique Fusing is bad as always, here is my fusing rate to unlock 250 unique DNA
Magna 14 fuse = 10X7+20X3+30X3+40
Thor 15 fuse = 10X9 + 20X3 + 30X2 + 40
Utarinex 12 fuse = 10X6+70+30X2+20X3
If u notice the pattern, you will always get more than 5 10s, in the fusing

I’m expecting a run of 10s. But I created Erlidom with 70 next fuse was 50 leveling it to 22. Don’t have to get 10s in every level.

When Pyrritattor was availiable to dart, I had 4 tries on Magna, started with two 10s and begun being frustrated and then bam! an 80! and I leveled it right away… so I guess you never know what the god of fusing decides to give you :smile:


Yeah I really could need a 50+. Prob is I received so many 10s now that I really am doubtful whether I‘ll get something better or not before (!!) I reached 240/250. :joy::joy:

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