Fusion DNA amount


Anyone have ideas on what dictates how much DNA is added to a hybrid dino when fusing the DNA of the two dinos you have collected?
I have had DNA anywhere from 10 to 50 added to my hybrid, and I cannot figure out how it chooses.


I got 100 one time, but I think is random


Everything in this game seems to be random, and that is my greatest frustration with it.
The top of incubator you get from winning a battle.
Which 4 dinos are chosen for a battle from your team of 8.
How much DNA is added to a fusion dino.

I just don’t see those as good aspects of gameplay. Allow the players a little more control over that kind of strategy.


I like the randomness in the battle and the battle incubators.

But I dislike it for the fusion, not only is it pointless but also boring and takes way too long.
Why do we have to wait for every 50 DNA. Just imagine having to spend 1000 DNA…