Fusion dna/ level up options


So this about when in the process of fusing dna from 2 different dinos. When the hybrid dino is hits its levelling up amount, sometimes I don’t want to level up that dino, I’m fusing as much dna as I can to then use to fuse another.

Eg. Fuse 1) majungasaurus + nundasuchus = majundasaurus.
Fuse 2) majundasaurus + titanboa = majundaboa

So, the problem is: when doing fuse 1) when is gets to its new level amount the button changes to evolve rather than leave an option to continue fusing dna.

I say this because I’m in the bad habit of constantly clicking the fuse button and if not paying attention when it hits the amount, the button changes and i level up by accident.
As I did today. I didnt want to level up majundasaurus, i wanted to save hos dan to level up majundaboa and wasted it. Gutted lol

So yes an option woukd be nice. Cause otherwise, It would jumping back and forth between each dino any time to got near the levelling up amount, just to change it and then jump back again to keep fusing.

And considering how long it can take to load each dino, it can be really time consuming and annoying.

So myabe an option. Once its at it level, 2 buttons appear; one to evolve, one to continue evolving :slight_smile: