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Fusion Dna

Ever time i fuse two dinos in to one i only get 10 DNA raraly 20 DNA an i just the unluckiest person ever or am i doing something wrong (i an level 9)

That’s completely normal.

Totally normal. I call it the curse of the 10s

It’s normal.

You have to tap the button with your left index finger.

I get >40 by using my big toe. Every time.

Agreed, fusing can be extremely frustrating, but it’s designed that way in order to manage (read: to slow) your progress in the game. This is also reason why they’re limiting the Multi-Fusion feature to L17 players and higher. Fusing gives you an average of 22.25 DNA per fuse, so all those 10s will be offset by 50s and 70s and 20s the more you fuse. This figure was first stated by MetaHub (who are now the GamePress team) based on their accurate research, and it’s something that I confirmed on my account and my son’s account: I recorded over 500 fuses for two players (L20, and one at L12), including Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Unique, and my observed result was an average of 22.75* DNA, which we can call it reasonably in-line with their 22.25.

The key is that grinding will lead to more fusions which will yield more fuses over 10, bringing you in-line with the average. And, guess what you have to look forward to? The ENDLESS grind on Uniques that depend on dinos you never, ever see, and JUST when you get that 500 Dracorex DNA and 50 Sino DNA to do a Utarinex fusion… 10 DNA… then, three weeks later… 10 DNA… (insert also: Tryk, Magna, Quetz, and on, and on).

* A full 0.5 above GamePress’s 22.25 is actually a big variance, but it’s close enough to call it reasonably in-line with GP, since I’d have to match their number of trials exactly in order to have it really raise eyebrows.