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Fusion lab

Four slots in the fusion lab are back.
Just right in time as I am going to fuse my fourth level 30 Gorgosuchus.
Use them if you can as long as they are available. Who knows how long it is going to last.


All four slots are unlocked?

What do you mean by unlocked?
They are there, so they are unlocked of course. And of course you have to pay bucks to use them.


Ya i got it. I thought we would not have to pay bucks in this limited Time offer lol.

That was never the case.

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How long does the 4 chambers normally last for?

Time to catch up on my 2 hour merges. (And the 4hours if I can squeak them in at the end)

It does reduce the cost of the 2nd from normal though. I don’t have much to fuse but that certainly helps.

The extra chamber or two last random amounts of time. Usually it seems a couple days, to a week. I wouldn’t count on them being available past Monday, but it’s hard to say.

I had been thinking it was about time for some extra chambers!


The extra slots should be available all weekend.


Thanks for the update!

Is this permanent or temporary?

Temporary, thru the end of the weekend.

What does Betreten and Brutlabor means?

‘Brutlabor’ is German for fusion lab and ‘Betreten’ means enter. I do not know for sure how this button is labelled in the English version.

English translation:


Never trust a foreign person if he’s trying to translate something. Thanks for correcting me.:wink:

Did the extra evolution slots disappear this morning?

I restarted one about an hour ago.

I think they showed up at 8am CST. So, they could have disappeared about 1/2 hour ago. (If they are still running, they hang around until the creature is done.)

yes they are done but if you have creatures in them they will stay until those creatures are done.


Ok, well that was 10DB well spent to speed that dino up to get the next one in.

Thanks for confirming this one was a 4 day event.