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Fusion rate dropped or Im just unlucky?


I just fused my Indoraptor 10 times and give me 10 DNA each time, that feel so so so bad.

500 Indo Rex DNA and 20000 velociraptor DNA are not easy to get, and the outcome is 100 Indorator DNA only.


I had the same experience this morning. Could be just bad luck, meh :slight_smile:


They really need to do something with fuse rates. Set a middle point with the highest %, where lower and highest fuses are equally probable.


Just unlucky. Got 80 yesterday from one fuse. Usually you get most out of fuses you have bunch of DNA.

Would be nice if they would made lowest limit at 20 DNA per fuse. It’s still not that much, but also ain’t that bad as 10 DNA per fuse.
At least you would be close to Indo with 10 fuses.