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Fusion rate - legendary and unique dinos


I do think Ludia should review their fusion rate system for legendary and unique dinos. I hate to say it but it terrible and unbalanced. I keep getting 10s nearly every single time I fuse. How is this being fair? I won’t be able to progress with that rate at all. We invest lot of DNA of common and epic dinosaurs and all we get is 10 most of the time! Some people are more lucky with it but that part of the game shouldn’t really be all about luck. Ludia should consider changing it so we get at least 20 on legendary and unique. If only ingradients were easy to obtain like Dracorex, Dimetrodon, Irritator, Trex, Anky and other epics… I wouldn’t complain but they are not.


Yep… Been trying Dilorach for some time… So much work to find Ourano… so much Dilopho DNA requested… To fuse Dilorano until I have at least 50, which usually takes three fuses… And then finally fuse Dilorach… for a 10… :tired_face:


I can feel your pain Arnold. Got 10’s almost all of the time too… and on YouTube you see crazy amount of DNA …


I get 50s on rares but have never gotten more than a 20(and even this happened only once) on uniques

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I think that is something Ludia should review. It’s one thing giving 10 fusion rates from common & epics because usually you can get them one way or the other (usually from events although). But giving 10s on legendary/unique is just unfair. People are going to give up eventually and move to another game…


Some of my past unique fusion.
Indo - 20,30,30,20
Erildom - 10, 20,40,30 and 70.
I know it seems quite lucky but in past I got tons of 10s for Indoraptor

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It reminds me of the mechanic in their other JW game - when you’re brewing up a hybrid critter, and it inexplicably “fails” over and over, causing you to waste more DNA.

Frustrating :confused:

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For all the magic spin-the-dino-do-a-chant-stand-on-your-head suggestions, we know the avg is slightly over 20.

So I save a handful of fuses for each unique and wait until I get a run of 10 elsewhere, like making “stock.” Purrolith, ankykentro, tyrannoloph, etc.

Then I hit the 3-5 fuses on uniques. Usually I still get a 10 or two but more often I ride the average and get higher. Takes patience and a bit of luck. Which proves little on a game that’s so deep into rng.

Going by pure numbers I’m hitting 31 avg on uniques this way but more like 15-16 on the prep fuses. So play a bit and tailor it to what limits you most.