Fusions Changes?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but it seems Ludia has changed fusion mechanics. I made a lot of fusions (50-60 more or less) and I got a lot of 40’s, 60’s, 80’s and even a 100’s on stegodeus! but only 5-6 10’s. What’s your experiences? I was just very lucky??


I sort of felt the same way at the beginning. Maybe they listened to us on the PLEASE NO MORE strings of 10’s for like 10 fuses.

Maybe it’s the number of fusions at the same time?

same here, i managed to create utasinoraptor and lvl it up to 19. i didnt think that was possible lol. i only got 5 10s

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I didn’t get too many big numbers but got fewer 10’s than before and a few more 20’s than I used to get. So for the moment it feels the fusion award levels have been slightly adjusted.

Nope not for me lol. :joy:

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Yesterday I got a 70 on Nodopatotitan fuse (now at 170/200), today I got a 50 on Monostegotops (now at 50/200), got a 80 on Purrolyth (made it to level 9) and a 10 on Postimetrodon’s hybrid.

For Pyrroylth I got f.e.: 10,10,10,10,20,10,10,10,30.
Thank God I had enough lythronax DNA.

I am not sure because I got 10 or 11 10’s in fusing the tyranno dilo hybrid, but yet managed to get a fair few 50+ dna fuses since (got 170 dna from just 3 consecutive fuses on monostego). I hope it is reworked to average out to be less 10 dna fuses.

I have 12 fusions for 10points in a row…

Definitely noticed a change!! I fused the dilorano 9x and my results were 50/40/20/40/30/20/50/10/20. Got a 40 on diloracheirus, and 40/50/ for utarinex :smile:

With utasino I got 50/40/40/70


I noticed that too! I could create allosinosaur an level it up till 19 and I have some sino left

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