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Fusions need to feel more random


Exactly as the title says, fusions are perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this game.

While they’re suppose to be random, those who have played the game long enough know they are not.

Fusions seems to come in groupings…either you’re hitting 30s, 40s, and 50s in strings or you are hammering 10 after 10 after 10.

Would love to see Ludia find a way to attempt to keep the fuse average around 20, but also limit the number of 10s that you can get in a row. I spent far too much time hunting Tento the last few days for those 7 10s in a row I just got fusing my Tenontorex.


I know its been said a million times on here, but a simple limit on consecutive 10s while fusing would make this game MUCH more enjoyable and less stressful while fusing after all that hard work

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I do agree, if I’m correct getting my erlido I used up 19 attempts on getting 10. There was 3 20’s in there somewhere.

I died a little inside.


I would actually be okay with them maxing fuses at 40, but making them truly random. So you could get 10, 20, 30, or 40 but with true randomness you would average 25 rather than 20, even if there are no more whammy fuses


been trying to lvl tyrannolophosaur from 19 to 20… and now have 90/250 after 8 fuses.
also cannot find a single trex gen 2…


i think ppl miss the point here. 10 DNA is what you get. anything else is meant to be a bonus. sure its frustrating but its the way it is. 10 DNA and if you get lucky 70 or 100.


I feel like after each 10 the percentage of getting another 10 goes down each fuse until you get something other then 10, then the percentages reset. So if first fuse is 40% of 10. After getting a 10 second fuse could be 35% and so on until some other number comes out, instead of the consistent 40% of getting a 10.


Hah what? Anything higher than 10 is meant to be a bonus? No, no…that is not how it works.


After 1.6update every single 1st fuse on legends is a 10 fuse its not random at all and it’s super frustrating

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For me it really depends on the dino… my thor is almost 24 currently at 150/200 and if i get all 10s that will be more 10s ive had my whole time with him currently ive had 4 10s so far with him… only reason ive even kept track is how few 10s i get with him. Spinotah and utahsino on the other hand seem to love getting 10s for me and I did 8 dracocera fuses today and all where 10s.

It doesnt feel random at all.


It has been suggested to me by a friend who has a passing knowledge of such things in games design (he’s no expert though), that there is probably a file somewhere in the game that has X 10’s, fewer 20’s, fewer 50’s… and so on, all mixed up, and when a player activates it gives them the next number in line. Then it goes back to the beginning. Hardly random if true for JWA.

I don’t mind really however it is done right now, but I think 20 should be the base not 10.


I Think you are right! Have done 4 single fuses on Uniques , erlidominus , toara, tora and indo. All were 10’s :weary:. Think the solution is to wait Till you gott enough to fuse a couple of times. Got 4 10,s in a row nog on erlidominus :pensive:


I am short of 20 DNA from level 28 Dilorach. Darted 6x Deino to reach 2000 DNA and then FUSE.

Guess what happened? Hint: nothing unexpected.


Fusions need to feel less random. Fix it at 20 DNA per fusion. The random fusions is probably what I dislike most about the game (and the one thing that needs to change for me to even consider spending real-world money on it).


That’s what’s funny about peoples perception. Getting 10s in a row is actually a part of true randomness.

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But it isnt random. Think about it, everyone knows the average fuse is approximately 20. Its been extremely well documented since the beginning of the game.

Fuse options range from 10-100…so if it was TRULY random, the average would be 55. The fact that the average is wayyyy down at 20 is proof that it isnt random and that it is heavily weighted to give 10s. But, we all already know this.

The point I wanted to make originally is that we want to see less long strings of 10 in a row. Its so defeating to grind your tail off over days only to fuse your legendary or unique 10 times for a total of 110 or 120 dna when mathematically you SHOULD have gotten about 200

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“Random” is not the same thing as uniform distribution. If you have a partial deck of cards with four jacks, three queens, two kings and one ace, and you blindly draw a card from the deck, the value of the card is random but it is not a uniform distribution.

By the way, nothing in a computer program is “truly random”. It is a pseudorandom algorithm programmed to replicate the statistical behaviour of a random distribution. Which is, again, not necessarily a uniform distribution.

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Thats correct. By the way, even if it would be uniform distributed true randomness, strings of 10s still would be part of the result quite frequently.


I dont think anyone is arguing that random and equal distribution are different things, and that isn’t what the post is about.
We’ve all taken basic math so let’s not argue about that.
This post is simply asking for a way to incorporate into their algorithm a method to prevent too many consecutive 10s. Again, it’s really demoralizing to work hard for days to gather the dna for fusing and then fall way short of your calculations due to bad fuses.

Pretty sure most people here would agree

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Had 18 fuses of 10 to give me 195/200. Knew the next fuse would be a big one. Big fat 60. But now I’m closer to level 25…
This game is like a drug, and that’s why we complain. We could put it down and just quit. But it’s got us hooked by giving us a tiny fix every day rather than allowing us to complete it. The dealer always restricts supply to keep the customers keen and the price high. And even though I know what the problem is, am I going to stop? Nope. Love it. Probably retire before I get a team of level 30…