Future additions to JWA, Whatcha think!?


I’ve just joined the forums but I’m level 11+ in JWA and enjoying the game immensely!
Here’s some things I think should be added to the game, forgive me if some of these have been suggested already. (Looked through first page of suggestions didn’t see any of mine)…here ya go:

  1. How about being able to sort your dino’s different ways…it currently sorts by level…I’d like to see being able to sort by: Alphabetical, speed, health, base damage, Rarity & most recent just to name a few.

  2. Have themed battles on weekends, eg: you can only use commons on your team level 10 and under, only use rares, only epics, tanks, max 3 dinos, etc…

  3. lower the price on incubators…they are currently way over priced with no guarantee of the DNA you are looking for (allow refunds within 24hrs, if you spend big bucks and don’t get the DNA you want you should be able to get a refund or at the very least an exchange)

  4. 10 DNA still appears way to often when evolving dino’s…this % chance needs to be lowered. (again?)

  5. Ability to send your drone out on a recon mission…eg: I need TRex DNA, send the drone out to see if there’s any TRex’s within a 2-5 km radius?

  6. Limit legendary’s on a person’s team…max 2-4? To even the playing field.

  7. Finally, touching on my comment above I hope all these GPS spoofing cheaters get banned for good…I play the game lots, since launch, more than most, and find it hard to believe a legit player can have 8 level 20+ legendaries on their team without cheating, (unless they are spending loads of cash…I’ve had friends stop playing because they can’t get past arena 6 due to these crazy legendary teams!
    Post edited as all I’m getting are replies from players about their legit legendaries…I applaud all you legit legendary wranglers!!..This comment was aimed toward the cheaters…Copy? Over.

  8. A free incubator every time you level up…C’mon!

  9. I Love the different Dino’s each week and the constant updates and patches…Strikes, friendly matches, treasure chests, banning cheaters, tourney’s…are helping make the game even better…I look forward to seeing what Ludia has planned for the future!

Let me know what you think of my suggestions and what you would add…Cheers all and happy hunting!


Uhm I have been playing since June 6. I have never once cheated and I have all but 3 legendaries in the game and something like 12 dinosaurs over level 20.


@Joshdog LOL…That was only one of my many points, but good for you man!!..You’re either extremely lucky, play 12hrs a day or spent lots of money on the game…I’m not saying all Players with all legendary teams are cheaters…but I’ve been playing since the game came out also, I have 1 legendary…and started seeing all legendary teams 2 weeks after launch…impossible.

We’ll see how many are around after they reset and start banning, good luck & cheers!


Well tbh I don’t play that much and have only played since June and have 3 legendary and about half of the fuses required to make two more :woman_shrugging:t2:


Playing since end of May…


@Heather (and the rest) pics or it’s not true…lol…JK
I too am close to having 2 more legendaries…for a total of three…again…this was only one of my many points, and more of a slam against cheaters…not legit players…I obviously have to edit my original post as the rest of my points are being lost…all the power to ya’s! Again I play lots and must just be unlucky because I’m not getting the spawns / DNA to level up my hybrids as quick as most.

Have fun! Cya in game.


I agree to every point but 6.).
My suggestion:
Rebalance Player matching. It happens quite often that you’re facing a team of dinosaurs far superior to your own team.


@Ulfhednar Agreed on the rebalancing player matching!


Re: Numbers 1 and 2, I’d like it if they did stuff like that to get players to experiment with stuff aside from the dinos that everyone uses because they’re super powerful (looking at you, Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops…) although I would say dino level restrictions might be harder, some people might not have any dinos under level 10 at some point. Additionally, though they might find this defeats some purpose they’re working toward, I’d like to see classes added to the dinos. Obviously we know which are tanks, tank busters, etc., but it might be helpful for people inexperienced with team-building, and a new way to base events, kind of like the strike points now. Based on those things, they could even build in passives that each different dinosaur could add to the team as a whole…

But maybe that’s a bit overboard. Instead, just picture a challenge where you pick a team with one dino from each class or something, maybe for a progressive PvP/PvE event.


Do you have a full-time job? Just curious.


Lots of great suggestions :):crossed_fingers:


Been playing since June and have no legendaries… hahaha


well each of us progress differently depending on their job flexibility, and the geography of the area where they work or live and also the park and spawn neighborhood. I too start around June, yet no legendary. Only few epic but only rely on Trusty Rexy.


I do have a full time job. One that involves me being driven all over town. ^_~


Security guy during money transportation? :wink:


Haha no. Just a basic delivering job. Your version make me sound way cooler so I’m gonna pretend that’s what it is from now on.


I want dino’s wandering, not just spawning and standing in one spot. At least maybe the Epics and rares. I would love to see a herd of dinos run by and I have to grab one.


I had the same idea lol
It would be even cooler if the game mirrored an actual ecosystem, with carnivores going towards herbivores- the faster ones would go faster- and raptors, sauropods, and other appropriate creatures could move in groups. When a carnivore reaches a herbivore, the herbivore dies, so that it doesn’t move. Creatures should have lifespans, and when they die they should remain for a few minutes before despawning

I’m asking for too much I know lol


I agree with you. Great suggestions !! I do hope see all sooner!!! Congrats :clap::clap:


Both would be easier to dart… the dead one getting eaten, and the Carnivore that is standing still while eating… 2 for 1.