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Future Clash of Titans Polls

Now that we’ve helped bring @Mary_Jo’s dream of unlocking Segnosaurus (and therefore Segnosuchus) to fruition, I’d like to request the aid of the community in future Clash of Titans Polls. Should the opportunities present themselves, I’d like to request votes for Woolly Mammoth and Erlikosaurus for unlock opportunities, with Erlikosaurus over the Mammoth. While there are five other tournament unlocks my son needs, these are the only two (currently) with hybrids. Thanks.


I’m always glad to be of help because I do not need any of them. I only hope that I do not forget you if the time has come.


Both choices sound good to me. I’ve only recently got my park to a level high enough to start unlocking tournament creatures, so I still need almost all of them unlocked.


I wuld be happy to help. Still need a universal agreement for this though


Honestly, I want one of the snakes (Titanoboa or Gigantophis).

I want Metriacanthosaurus.


And I want a Heath tank like eropsys


@Andy_wan_kenobi it would be amazing if they put in Lythronax for CoT.

Ya a lythronax would be great

Glythronax honestly needs a buff.


Will I make it to lvl 60 and get segno in time? I just got to lvl 54 currently and stressing out about leveling.

It just started this week. You have to get to level 60 AFTER which you’ll need complete 28 PvE events.

If you grind out to level 60 by mid to end next week, you should be ok.

There is about 16 Events a week (non-VIP).

This CoT’s last day is the 18th of July.

I’m definitely on board with the Mammoth… that’s one I am still missing and even after they nerfed it, still one of the best hybrids in the game. Titanoboa is one I missed early on, but sadly, nerfed badly so just not as useful anymore. But I do love the snakes regardless.


Titanoboa is on my son’s list as well, but without a hybrid it’s on a lower priority tier

I want umoonasaurus :cry:

Count me in. I would love Erlikosaurus especially. My 100 or so Dilophosauruses have been ready to fuse for a long time.


Umoonasaurus is also on my son’s list, along with Suchodus, Nodosaurus, and Eryops.

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Yeah, I haven’t been too bummed about Titanoboa, particularly since I did get Gigantophis. And since I have picked up a couple copies along the way, so it’s only for the sake of having the unlock. I do already have Umoonasaurus too, but with so few good reefs in the game, that’s one I wouldn’t mind more copies of.