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Future Consideration of Raid Bosses: Design With Diversity In Mind

Currently the best healers which are ALSO strong considerations for Arena battling are Diloracheirus and Tuoramoloch, even though the former is still not quite up to par due to the innate imbalance between the Cunning/Fierce/Resilient roles as it currently stands. But, hey, if your options are limited (as well as your boosts…cough cough), then it’s still pretty solid.

With this in mind, what incentive is there to be bothered creating/levelling/boosting the other options out there? They stand head and shoulder above the rest.

Despite this, I’m currently investing in levelling my Bajatonodon (but no boosting yet, my arena-only team is still lacking) because I clearly must be crazy and want to just see how well it can hold up and hopefully have it be “good enough” when my alliance’s dedicated healers are not online. Granted, I have a max-boosted Tenontorex that can off-heal for sure but it’s primarily a damage creature so it’s not always going to be able to sub in.

As I’ve already told my alliance teammates, I feel sorry for whatever the inevitable super-hybrid of Skoolasaurus will be if it keeps in-line with the reworked theme of it being a defense specialist that doesn’t heal and sorely lacks damage. If a super-hybrid follows the exact same route, you’d be sacrificing a LOT to slot it in and making others pick up the slack feels unfair to them in such a case.

Basically, future raids NEED to be made to actually present unique strategy requirements that excess healing and damage-scaling can’t just brute-force their way through to a win as it currently stands. We have a great deal many of turns to deal with a raid boss across two rounds but if even an apex boss can be cheesed out as has been apparent for a while now, it’s even MORE apparent that it’s not very fun to know creatures that were SPECIFICALLY redesigned for raid use only are basically obsolete until further notice.

Of course, instead of making a reason to use these creatures for raids due to some niche, you could always go the other way and make them at least moderately viable for regular PvP. Strictly to narrate an example, how about we go back to the Bajatonodon for a moment? Why not take away one of the heals for another damaging move? Sure, as a hadrosaur, it has pretty decent base stats but the utility simply isn’t even on the same playing field.

I would like to see incentive to branch out but raids are so few in variety right now and if PvP creatures can do the job just fine (even EXCELLING in the role), does this not simply invalidate every raid-specific creature design you produce moving forward? Well, at least as far as the healer role is concerned, anyway…