Future hybrids predictions

Today when I was scrolling all the hybrid dinosaurs, I found an interesting phenomenon.

We all know that a hybrid can be created by fusing two dinosaurs, and some dinosaurs are hybridized by a dinosaur that is already a hybrid.

But of all the dinosaurs, the most we can get are only hybridized twice (all uniques, legendaries, and epics, correct me if I’m wrong). Can this imply that a dinosaur that has already been hybridized twice will not be hybridized again, or have very low chance to?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

If this is the case, so can we assume dinosaurs such as stegodeus, tragodists will not get a unique bybird in the very near future because they are already a superhybrid and it’s a good choice to level them past lv 20?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Btw, these are all my own assumptions. What do you guys think?

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I predict that very soon, the 5 year olds in charge of hybrid design at Ludia will either run out of ideas, leaving us with half-assed hybrids that are cartoonish and useless, or they’ll run out of crayons and construction paper. (There are some who think that it’s already happening. I’m inclined to think that way as well, given the ridiculous Alanky - who looks like a reject from “How to Train Your Dragon” more than a dinosaur/ptero hybrid.)

We need more real dinos added, not more hybrids. This opens the door for new arena tactics and keeps the game from getting stale. Too many hybrids at once, and it makes you think of that horrible line of JP “Chaos Effect” toys that looked like 2 dinos got shoved into a blender. Like Wu just gave up trying at some point, sorta like “Hybrids? Meh… whatever.”


I’ve always stood by that the Chaos Effect creatures would be redesigned to make them feel more original. Plus, I feel like there are creatures that are references to these hybrids being allosinosaurus, diloranosaurus, alankylosaurus, and even maybe paramoloch. It seems that Ludia could add some of the Chaos Effect creatures in the game because of these references.

When a hybrid gets a hybrid… it’s a super hybrid. Currently there is no stage above this. I personally believe it is unlikely to get a higher stage as uniques are incredibly difficult to make… are super hybrids themselves… and shouldn’t really become a material for something else.

I think it’s safe, from a leveling standpoint, to level any super hybrid you enjoy to use as high as you want since it should be safe from getting a hybrid and thus creating “wasted” dna

I agree. I came here to catch dinosaurs. Actual dinosaurs - okay, actual virtual dinosaurs. Other than the Indominus and Indoraptor, I’m not interested in hybrids. The game should be about dinosaurs not hybrids. Dinosaurs are almost outnumbered by the increasing number of hybrids in the game.

Man is not to meddle with nature…

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Epic Purusaurus Rex (with rare Purusaurus and Gen 2 T-Rex). A standing crocodilian rex hybrid with a huge mouth, a bit more speed and some armour.

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I’d really like to see an Erlickosaurus Gen 2 hybrid


39 hybrids
84 non hybrids.

This could be slightly off since all I did was count. This doesn’t seem to be almost out numbering. The “real” Dino’s out number hybrids 2-1.

I understand your point however, and while hybrids are not a huge part of the series, in a progression game that revolves around Dino’s, it makes a lot of sense to have hybrids… as opposed to crafted wearable armor that we put on our creatures. I’m personally ok with the current system for the game. The base Dino’s are still super important since they are primarily what we collect, and then use to enhance our team. It would be no different from collecting different metals to make enhanced alloys for equipment.


It would be so sick if we saw giga in the next update!


Chaos Effect was the worst selling toy line of the entire JP1-3 run! How could anyone stand by a toy line that was basically a last-ditch effort to make money, because people just started to forget about JP after the third film tanked at the box office?

It was a little hyperbole on my part but it was to put the point across.

I suppose from the POV of a dinosaur/Jurassic Park fan that the point of the game should be collect and level dinosaurs. Hybrids just don’t need to be a thing but I understand it gives the more competitive and gamist players goals to work towards.

My point is basically that adding more unnecessary hybrids could make this game seem cartoonish and goofy. People need to learn how to use the hybrids they already have before asking Ludia for more and more. The game is becoming overpopulated with hybrids.

Yeah, so I stopped levelling my monomimus when it’s lv 20 because it’s not a superhybrid, but if monomimus gets a superhybrid, it’s got to be insane.

I think that before they go crazy with new stuff, they should fix what’s broken:

Make current Uniques (tryko primarily) worthwhile

And give current legendaries that don’t have uniques, something motivating to be evolved into
(Especially “weaker” legendaries like giga and those with untapped potential like tryostronix)

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what about giga?? a hybrid??? :hugs::hugs: id be good with a little buff if anything.

and i dont mind hybrids. this is jw, its what they do. would be cool if they allowed us to make our own hybrids with endless combinations.

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Giga and Nodopatotitan are already superhybrid so they are not likely to get a unique upgrade, but I’m leaning towards a stat/moveset buff for these two creatures since they both are harder to level up than stegod.

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I agree… uniques are unlikely for these but one can hope :cry:

My giga has been benched at level 19 for some time now…
This did speed up my stegods evolution though

Considering how long it took me to even get Giga, mine got benched not long after she hit 17 and generally wasn’t useful anymore with all the tank busters I was seeing =(