Future hybrids predictions

The thing is… i really loved that Dino.

It could soak up hits like no one else and the decelerate and pinning combo won quite a few matches for me, as did the counterattack. But after you get to upper sorna, it just won’t last… and definitely not in JR (unless if it’s crazy high leveled, but at this point: nodoapato is better reserved for stegod and amargo for trago)

I loved her too. A lot. A really great, underrated dino to say the absolute least.

But I totally agree with you, she just doesn’t have the kit to back up her bulk, and is all too easily replaced by Stego and Trago once you unlock either. Then again, with what looks to be the rework to SS coming up, it may well be most tanks are out the window now, unless they have something that really makes them shine and worth risking the easy DOT kill for.

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I would really like to see Rex gen 2 and stegosaurus habe hybrid and it would be just normal rex with stegosaurus’ plates on back. Maybe superhybrid with tricerstops gen 2.

I just want them to fix tuoramoloch first :pray:t2:

i feel so bad every time i see her patiently waiting to get into the game.

nothing personal, i just like to win sometimes.