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Future Jurassic park games

So it seems universal are finally opening up to making quality Jurassic park/world games with JWE. So what other games would people like to be made? For me I’d honestly love if trespasser got either a remaster or a sequel. That game was a horrible mess of a goldmine for lore and I’d love if they did something similar for Jurassic world. I’m not a fan of the whole shoot em up game idea but I’d like a more alien isolation approach. You’re trapped on the island with no weapons trying to outsmart the dinosaurs while at the same time uncovering plenty of lore along the journey

What about you guys?


I’d love a more Durango/survival Jurassic World game. I’ve heard there’s been Jw survival games before but I’d like one that’s more Durango/Ark like.


Jurassic Park like alien isolation would be awesome.

Jurassic park VS ALIEN AND PREDATOR.:grimacing: