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Future move types

Do you think we should have these types of moves?

Deceleration + doge remove
Ferocity + defense shattering
Armor piercing + doge remove
Distraction + declaration
Dot + ferocity
Ferocity + doge remove
Definite + bleed
Shielded + armor piercing

nope. nearly ALL of those WRECK cunnings. completely unfair. cunnings are already bad enough, they dont need more bullying.


A few ideas I have are

reflection (an instant move that reflects the damage of the attacking creature)

A vampiric like attack I don’t have a name for it yet but you gain .5 health and deal 1x attack

Not an attack but it’s a shielding counter you get attacked and put up a 50% shield

I also though of
vulnerability + rampage or impact
Cunning + damage increase
Cunning + acceleration
Cunning + nullifying
Cunning + vulnerable