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Future of JWA in the UK?

What will be the future of JWA in the UK?
HoL are putting through a new legislation where loot boxes and similar which we pay money for will come under gambling. Things like incubators and scents will fall under that category too.

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I don’t think its a huge worry, its not guaranteed to go through, also 71% of the most popular games also include “loot boxes” or the like,

Could it end up having an age restriction or warning, maybe.

“ensure loot box drop rates are publicly disclosed, and the new ‘paid random item’ descriptor added to PEGI’s age rating system.”

That’s about it really it might change some console games a lot but i’m doubtfully Jwa will be affected at all,


There will be no future for this game…

I don’t think it will make much difference if it goes through. It will be more like having warnings to inform that it is gambling and to be aware.

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Loot boxes are already banned in some countries - Belgium is one I believe; any players from there?

There may not be much impact on JWA - I think they added more info about what you get in incubators etc as a result of legislation being introduced - you now get a much clearer indication of what you are going to get and the odds of getting it making it more transparent and less likely to fall foul of any laws.


True that. Stop reporting posts for bring true.