Future prospects

Is there any news on if any new dinos/ prehistoric beasts are going to be introduced to the current pool like the Dimorphodon ?

I saw a data mine report of a coming update that listed 2 new dinos. 1 is a larger version of stygi and Dracorex. I read the wiki page about it and it turns out stygi and Dracorex might not even be species, but juvenile and/or female specimens of the larger species. If I remember right, all they’ve found of Dracorex so far is 1 partial skull. Needless to say, this news bummed me out. I didn’t look into the other dino from the data mine, but I remember it’s an ankly type tank dino. No new hybrids announced at that time.

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I saw a Ted Talk type video with, I think, Bakker, who went through the whole idea that Pachycephalosaurus, Dracorex and Stygimoloch are just three stages in the life of a single species. He then went on to do the same with Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. Didn’t feel right to me as the way he presented the talk, it was like he was determined to scale down the bio diversity of the Mesozoic.


Thats interesting man thank you :slight_smile: heres hoping that we get that update soon. Im not sure how they can visually reconstruct the anatomy of an entire dinosaur from just a partial skull haha

Is there evidence to back up his claim or is it just a hypothesis?

He claimed that by cutting open bones from his own collection that one was adult, one was juvenile and one was young. Even google searching his theory it seems he may have just gotten lucky to have those bones be from those particular animals at that age development.

Hmm are there any other bones found its tough to deteemine the full anatomy of the organism just from a skull bone maybe the actual Dracorex had other distinctive features that could prove it was a seperate dino from the Stygimoloch