Future Thoughts


Okay so, I know we all want some kind of improvement or something added to the game. I thought I’d share a couple of thoughts that might be cool.

:sauropod:Trading System

I think we all know by now this is not Pokemon in any way, shape, or form. We all only get one dinosaur in our collections, so trading dinos wouldn’t work (and it’d end up like the GTS except everyone would be trading something no one wants for an Epic like the T-Rex or a Unique like either Indos). So the thought is, instead of trading dinos, why not trade DNA? Think about it. We all must have extra DNA lying around that we’re either not gonna use or can’t currently do anything with, or whatever reason. We could trade it for whichever dino we’re either trying to build or trying to obtain.

Now I know in the Not Collected Section is a few Hybrids lying around. Some are very powerful while others could be better. My solution to this would be unless you have started collecting DNA for it, you cannot trade for it. Actually, that sounds like a good idea all around. Though the amount of DNA to trade would be limited, say like 50 max and 10 min? I think 50 would be fair for most dinos, maybe 100 or less for Epics and higher. It’s a thought.

:crocodile:Friend System

Now I know for a fact we all want this. It would be a great idea to have it, and maybe even invite other players to befriend either after a match or on the leaderboards (though I think the latter would be unlikely). But what else could be done? Well, a chat system wouldn’t be a bad idea, maybe a Private Message System at the least; it’s hard enough to battle as it is. We could also battle each other, which while it shouldn’t grant great rewards like the Arenas do, it should grant something, maybe coins and darts, small bits of cash. The good thing about it would be if a Friend Battle was implemented, you would be able to experiment with teams and see how other dinos work more freely, instead of risking a match and not getting a chance to use said dino or end up losing. With friends, it can be anything.

:t_rex:Experience System

So gaining DNA for anything becomes trickier as players get stronger. Well, kinda running off an idea another person had that seemed kinda messy, how about an experience points system, only instead of EXP, the dinos gain DNA, and it could be for just the whole team. Why the whole team? Well, I’m sure most of you know, the battle system chooses 4 dinos at random, though sometimes it has a habit of picking the same 4, but reordering them. So DNA would go to the whole team of 8. How much should be earned? Well, on that respect, win or lose, I think the best way would be dependent on your opponent’s dinos’ levels. We’ve all fought dinos either a few to several levels stronger, so in that aspect, it’d be similar to other “grinding” games. If you win, you get the full payout; if you lose, you get half. At least that way, some of the frustration of losing would be buffered.

That’s about all I got. What do you guys think? Also, let’s try not to get testy; I know some people out there will. Let’s keep the community friendly!



Always difficult to balance and avoid abuse. PoGO finally created a Trading System after years. You should only be able to trade same rarity to avoid abuse (Multi-Accs and more).


That’s why I’m thinking DNA trades. You pick a dino who has dna, and trade it for the dna of a dino you want. There would just be a limit on the rarity level to avoid too much chaos.