Future Trading System?


Just an idea i had. Would anybody like to see a trading ststem added in the future? Not like trading whole Dinosaurs but trading DNA in return for different DNA. Like for example i want to upgrade my Ophiacadon/Ankylosaur Gen 2 hybrid but i can’t find enough Ophiacadons to get it to level five, however i encounter DOZENS of Apatosaurs every day. I have more Apatosaur DNA than i know what to do with but someone else in a different State might have the opposite problem. So if a trading system was implemented it would solve these issues.
Any thoughts?


How about instead of trading you can boil down excess DNA to stem cells (you’d lose some quantity of course), and then use them towards any other dinosaur within that Tier? Common, Rare, Epic, Etc…


Kinda like rare candy on PoGo?


When it comes around I’ll trade you ophiacodon DNA, a good bit of it, for nodosaurus DNA.


411 DNA to be exact.


Kind of. But it would be exclusive to that tier. In PoGo it would be like rare candy for only grass pokemon, or only johto region pokemon… to avoid abuse.


That would work nicely as well. Plus having tiers of stem cells would keep people from gaining Epics too fast