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Future update Creatures and mechanics

I would love the following creatures to be in Jurassic World alive!

In addition to this, I would like a unique hybrid of troodon and Yutyrannus making Yudon!

For a new mechanic that is very much needed, I would add a new button on the map to the left of your backpack! It would be an eye icon. once you click it, it will toggle between selectable items on the map; this way it will make it easier to select the dinosaur, sanctuary, strike event, or supply drop that you’re trying to click without being aggravated from clicking the wrong thing!

My last idea is a way you could eventually add the aquatic update! You could have sanctuary like areas on the map near large water sources; once you enter them you would walk around as usual but this time on a limited underwater map! Alternatively you could have a button toggle between land and sea maps! If and when you add the aquatic update please please please add a way to hide the aquatic creatures in settings! Please do this or my best friend will stop playing because she is ridiculously and severely afraid of aquatic creatures! She is a lvl 20 vip so please take that part seriously!

Yutyranus needs a basic attak


2 rampages and lethal wound and 1600 damage??? +121 speed?There is no balance there


Yes that was an oversight on my part I just completely forgot to add one; lol thank you!

Instead of lethal wound it would have a basic attack as for your other points this is for a level 26 creature if you look at allosaurus Gen 2 or Tyrannosaurus rex The stats are pretty comparable the only difference being speed in which this is a smaller creature therefore faster!