FYI Don't but the card packs

Bought the 2 for 1 card packs for Tommen they were showing mostly silver cards for it. But 2 packs for 15.99 and absolutely 0 silver cards or above. Ripoff

buy the 2 for 1 pack that costs 400 gems, only has silver cards (epic)

I got both packs, my Tommen is an epiced out beast, and just need 3k gold to level 3 pieces to level 3 lol

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I save each and every gem for the 3K ruby chest from the store. That gives a good dose of epic cards, and a very good chance at a legendary.

I’ve also seen legendaries in the shop for 2000 gems (or 40 000 coins), which are good value; though can’t say whether or not I’ve seen those since the global release.

I had a legendary available for 2,000 gems a few days ago.

Fighters boots.

I was glad I had been stocking up my gems, I gladly used them to get it!

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I have never seen this deal.