FYI - it starts in Lockwood

I recently dropped as low as possible, which turns out to be 60 trophies. I have been playing around with teams and matchmaking since then. Nothing all that surprising to report, if you play a trophy appropriate team level, you get decent matches, if you go to extremes (like when I put in my L30 team at 150 trophies) you do get things close to your team strength, but can generally smash anyone. Conversely, when I was dropping and put in my lowest level team at my highest trophy count I got crushed, but by much lower level teams than the trophy count would imply. To me it seems that trophy count matching kind of restricts team strength matching, but only at the extremes. Once you move to a balance point, the matching gets pretty even, but only on team strength. Trophies seem irrelevant after a while.

Now that I’m climbing I can say this - the garbage starts to pile up in Lockwood. That is to say, overboosted dinos and DC. Unsurprisingly, the most boosted dinos I’ve come up against are sino based legendaries at this point, by a mile. Mostly utasino, but some allosino, and even sinoceratops itself. Other than that there has been some gorgo, purutaurus, t-rex, and smilodon.


Interesting read, thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

I did something similar recently. Used a L22 team to drop from around 54XX to 35XX.
I got smashed on the way down until I equalized, then got pretty well matched after that. Then I put my real team back on and faced opponents with similar strength all the way back up to my current count at 45XX.
I saw a TON of Utasino and Allosino throughout the whole experiment- underleveled and boosted, unboosted, overleveled and boosted.


My 2nd account level 11.25 average team got up to 2000 trophy’s but I think finally plateaued. I fight teams 1 to 2 levels higher than mine on average now who’s trophy counts are 500 to 1000 trophy’s below me.

I try to figure out how many trophy’s are equal to 1 level. I would say maybe 400 trophy’s add one level to a team. So I play a team of creatures that average 13.25 but trophy’s are 1200 and it feels pretty equal. I have to bleed those level 14, 15, 16 and sometimes 17 alliance mission rewards to death with my level 11 spino’s.

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