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FYI ... no DB offered for this World Boss


Bummer… Such is life, I suppose

I don’t think life is the one to blame. But there definitely is a pattern to this.

At least if we hit the goal, there are chances for DBs in the pack. Not sure how that amount compares for a first day but doesn’t bode well with VIPs having a tournament tomorrow.

Very disappointing and I also don’t like the trend. Well at least I don’t need to grind for the damage points and can focus on the VIP events with my Aquatics.


It’s just a saying, “Ce levi,” in French means, “Such is life,” which is an extremely common saying in French. It just means sometimes that’s just the way it is, I suppose… It’s just a saying, not a literal sort of thing.

To be quite honest, I’m not really happy about it either but oh well, that’s just how Ludia treats us these days. They try their best to squeeeeze us for real money so of course they’d go ahead and nix any additional opportunities for DB’s like the boss events.

Thank god I’ve always squirreled away a ton of DB’s so they can’t force me into opening my wallet for this sort of exploitation.

And thanks @Henry1 for the heads up, so I don’t waste extra time and DB’s on this Boss event. You’re the real MVP this time.

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Oh I know what it means, but that’s why I disputed its use here… because this isn’t just random happenstance, but seems quite purposeful. Nor are we truly completely powerless in the face of it…we just do continue to choose to keep playing the game in spite of their greedy actions, rather than play the only hand we DO have… which is walking away from it. I do find it interesting to drop in on the JWA forums from time to time, where it does seem enough players have been angered by similar changes to that game to indeed walk away and stop playing it.

Yikes- Friendly :fire: fire :fire:, I’m not happy about it either.

Irregardless, I still attest that “ce levi,” perfectly fits this situation- even if we’re going to banter purely about semantics.

Sure you could quit over this but that’s definitely not gonna stop them from squeezing the remaining player base of DB’s in an effort to get ppl to spend more real money.

There’s literally nothing we can really do to influence this situation and sometimes in life that’s just how things go… I promise you that one.

Ludia is I’ll advised if they think they can earn more money by reducing all the VIP perks. I’ve never seen anybody generating more revenue or profit by reducing the quality of a product.

They should rather look into their whole concept of players spending money and try to improve the offers. I mean look into the Dino shop, literally all of those Dino offers are newbie rip-offs, no one in his right mind can seriously think it is a good idea to buy a single Pterodaustro for 109€ … I mean c’mon Ludia! Further on these offers are also often combined with gambling where you rely on odds, again buying an Aquatics pack for 29€ where you most likely end up with a single super rare creature which isn’t even unlocked, isn’t a tempting offer. Oh boy those offers for Dino’s are just terrible and they were like this from the beginning.

If you’re an experienced player you only have the option to pay for VIP membership or Dinobucks (and that’s already not a great currency). Actually I would be willing to spend money here and there I just feel there’s nothing really worth it. Which is a shame coz the game is actually pretty good.

@Ludia get your shop more attractive and people might start spending again.
Things I would be willing to pay for with real money:

  • Dino Unlocks
  • Immediate hatch tickets
  • Unique buildings/Decorations (which can generate really high amount of coins)
    Etc. just get creative

Yeah, honey over vinegar is definitely the best approach to generate more revenue… There’s also something like 40x ideas here for ways to improve this game:

Ludia doesn’t have to create obvious gimmicks and cut resources to get people to spend more money… Improving the game by implementing what fans want will garner more popularity, deepen the player base, encourage more players to purchase the VIP membership, and thereby lead to more revenue for Ludia; while simultaneously satisfying existing players.

For instance, the game would improve drastically if they added guests walking around the park (similar to a feature they already had in Jurassic Park: Builder, the spiritual prequel to this game… This is a surely a code they could copy + paste into this game) Moving guests is one feature that would liven up everyone’s parks, making old players come back and pull in new players who enjoy the tycoon series games that expect this sort of feature in this genre.

On a separate note, I doubt they’ll reverse their many recent actions of squeezing the player base of resources (particularly DBs). The best we can hope for will be if they actually implement changes that enhance the game.


I don’t know what the heck an “alliance,” is, but sounds like Ludia is adding things to JWA that they should be adding to this game. They had a feature where you could look into your friends’ parks and even trade with friends in JPB, so why not in this game??

@Paderborn1907’s comment is the best summary of how I think most of us feel “I’ve never seen anybody generating more revenue or profit by reducing the quality of a product.” I guess that’s what frustrates me so much is that my career is in the world of ecommerce and I couldn’t agree any more strongly with this statement. His suggestion as well about having more useful things to purchase that were reasonably priced is right on the money. I’ve said in the past that they could probably generate a lot more money by improving the VIP membership with things like reduced hatchery times, none/fewer retries for evolutions, that kind of thing, than they ever will by trying to squeeze the players on DBs… something that it’s highly unlikely that players who don’t purchase them already are going to do just by making them even harder to get.

@DantheMan - the fact that you truly feel there is literally nothing the players can do says a lot about how little we matter to this company.

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@Mary_Jo though first I thought my initial comment regarding quality wasn’t correct, because it’s more against the reduction of features or privileges in the VIP program, but then they messed up the VIP tournament again so I guess the quality statement is also valid :wink: