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Gabe Scott 😳

Going all out for the birthday eh, Lovelink?

Muffin is back and now Gabe Scott popped up in my “Who Likes You” thingy. I may never actually catch up every story without paying for the quick returns at this rate. :sweat_smile: A lot of stories are already funny so I’m curious to see how things go with a comedian.

If only it was Kelsey, Cain,Pamela,Matteo or Ian

Or bringing back Jasmin, William, Daniel and Samantha :disappointed_relieved:

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Here come the dad jokes! :rofl:

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Watch them put out a female counterpart at some point and them be stand-up rivals. Dad joke wars!

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I love that idea. Let the Dad Joke Wars commence! :rofl:

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So far he seems way too cocky and he barely has dropped any jokes

I don’t mind the arrogant undertone. Gives him a personality flaw to work through. The jokes are coming, no doubt in my mind about that one. If the dirty joke in Evelines story is any indication we’re in for some major knee slappers.

Keeping optimistic since I can’t really control what Lovelink does. :rofl: Just along for the ride.

So fat he’s a miss for me like Sheng level

Sorry, did I get it right that he’s a comedian? But his profile info kinda hints that he’s a musician… :flushed:

Spoilers: He is a stand up comedian from what I can gather. Started out doing stand up, had a comedy special and is now shooting a movie with a CGI hamster. :rofl:

So this finally happened.

I’m scared for Gabe.

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Wootness! Hopefully that means no more bunk timers.

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I’m dreading the end of Gabe’s timer. I’m hopeful though, we’ll see in a day an half.

Worst case scenario I’ll just need to wait for another male character to be released :joy: