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Gain 15 Dragon Levels Duty not crediting correctly

The duty “Gain 15 Dragon Levels” supposedly count the number of levels attained when leveling a dragon - as opposed to the number of times a dragon is leveled up. Is this correct?

My latest attempt where I counted 10 acquired levels, only counted 1 level.

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This is what they plan to instate, yes. As is mentioned in their recent Hotfix post.

For some reason, however, they thought it would be a good idea to fix the wording to fit what they initially intended the duty to be…but they won’t actually be able to fix the duty itself until the next patch. They are aware of this, this was…intentional?

So, until then, it remains that you will have to level up one by one to get it to count.


Thank you, @Mysterious. :smiley:

@elpozo07, more information can also be found here:

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Got it! Thanks! I guess I’ll just reroll the duty until the patch comes in.

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@Ned. :+1: