Gain Action from Moving in PVP

Is there any answer as to why my characters skip their Extra Action gained from the moving proc automatically?

@chiatriani, the cause is difficult to determine without further info regarding the related item. Perhaps the item provides a proc rate <100% for the extra action.

No, the words Extra Action showed up then it immediately gets skipped to the opponent’s turn. Characters in question are Naomlen and Tommus. Don’t have this issue in Campaign or Challenge modes, only PVP.

It has happened to me as well. Usually it happens when there is extreme server lag and I tap the same spot more than once. Character will then move, have the legs proc stating I gained an action, then it moves to the next player. Sucks when it happens.

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I’ve had it happen without lag. One time Tommus turned completely around too.

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Known issue by Ludia. They havent done anything for months to solve it. Yet very polite and kund answers from customer service.

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As retsamerol said, I too have the same problem, mostly with lag. And yes, Tommy’s will often turn around. I wonder if my opponent sees that.

Where is the pvp,
How do you get involved

I suppose this wouldn’t be super well documented in-game. As per the Update 8 release notes: