Gaining XP?

I am currently 25 000 points away from lv16 and looking for the best way to gain this experience quickly. Should I evolve low level commons or rares vs high level epics or legendaries? I think, from looking at the metahub article, that fusing the lower levels is more coin efficient, but not entirely sure.

Great question. I’m not entirely sure either, but I’ve definitely gained the most when creating new legendaries. I sprinted from 13 to 14 in under a week because I broke down and did my first 49.99 oto. Boy did that coin sure grease the wheels of leveling up in this game. I passed on the 49.99 oto at 14 and it took me 3 weeks to gain enough XP to get to 15. I didn’t pass on the oto when it came up again yesterday :confused:

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Fusing the rare hybrids are the easiest most cosreffecient exp gainers. Ie anklycodon diplotator suchatator.

True to a point, but stops being cost efficient if you’re never going to use them. I’ve leveled the first 2 you mentioned 15 then stopped because the coins get too rich for my blood.