Galaxy S7 AR still not fixed?

@Jorge @Ludia_Developers

no a.r. here… did i miss something?

just to cry:


Oh no!! I thought they fixed S7 :sob:

And I would like to get a picture of Smilecat on top of my Civic…
Some time this century. :slight_smile:


It works fine in HPWizardsUnite by Niantic.

I have a S7 SM-G930V, No working AR in JWA.

just to mention…

they forgot the fix in “improve” plan. :roll_eyes:

Hey AndreMR, could you reach out to our support team at with your support key so they can assist you? Thanks!

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sent that email. an automated answer said can last long to answer.

by the way im not the only S7 user, so Ludia could answer in forum.

@Marek why this topic was closed just after my answer mentioning S7 doesnt work got hidden?

I just got a Galaxy S7 Edge and AR also doesn’t work.

Was really looking forward to using this feature because my old iPhone 5s didnt support it at all :frowning:

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Hey AndreMR, that topic was dead for last 9 months. There is no need to use our necromatic powers to bring it back to life, is there?


Do you know if this is a bug and that the AR should indeed be working on the S7 now in 1.8? or is it still disabled by design for whatever reason?

mmmm i didnt realize someone rised it from the grave. the issue was about same of todays one.

sorry, and thanks. :wink:

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Sorry, I don’t have such info, but I believe our team will let you know as soon as they investigate the issue.


thanks. it would be sad if i have to wait 1.9 or never work again.

im not planning buy another phone soon. and AR was used every week here.

Ok thanks, looking forward to using the AR. Got some hilarious ideas in mind lol

hey, people who has AR working…

what was “improved” for AR, as release notes said? performance?