Galaxy S8 GPS Question

I know many people complain about GPS issue and perhaps this has already been asked and addressed. My husband and I both have Galaxy S8’s. My husbands phone works fine, we can go for a walk or drive and it moves along as it should with occasional buffers/location issues due to weak cell signal (we are fairly rural). My phone however does not work well at all. It will not move along with us and just randomly gets stuck in one location and will not move. Its been doing this for 3 months (entire time I have played game and through last 2 updates).

It really limits my abilities to get DNA. My husband and I end up having to take turns being logged into his phone. I have no issues when i am on his phone. I have compared all setting related to game and gps on both our phones and everything is the same. My phone is 1 year older than my husbands but it’s literally the exact same phone. I just dont get it.

Anyone have similar issues and have any luck figuring it out??

Hubby and I both have Note 8s. I play both phones and they will lag at different times. Neither seems worse than the other one though. We’re VERY rural, and I know when and where on the highways to just do something else until we’re back to decent signal.

My hubby and I also have S8s and his has the same issue as yours. I have not tried reinstalling his game and had read in a thread awhile ago that it didn’t help. His started having issues after a glitch in a battle. Need to learn the steps before reinstalling so progress isn’t lost. I wonder if that is the answer and sorry my post isn’t helpful.

Also, of note, my sis has S7 and gave up on the game, because her gps will never work right no matter what.

Hey Kaseybear16, there are some troubleshooting steps for GPS related issues on our FAQ here that could help you:
If you’re still having problems after trying those steps, feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key and our team might be able to provide you with some further troubleshooting as well.

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Sent an email. I’ve tried everything else suggested with not luck so far.

I’ve tried troubleshooting and the steps with no luck as well.

Lol… I hunt dinos on a dinosaur of a cell phone with very few issues. Its hard to nail down the whats and whys so try what you think may help and move on

I have an S7 Edge and it works quite well where I am. That really stinks that your sis cannot play due to her phone not playing nice. Has she reached out to support?