Galaxy S8 note issues


My fiance has a Galaxy S8 note and cannot get past the load screen for the map. Any suggestions?


1 Make sure JWA is closed
2 Go to Google Play and uncheck the ‘sign in automatically’ and ‘use this account to sign in’ options
3 Re-open JWA and create a new account (i.e link it with your Facebook)
4 Assuming the game loads with this new account, close JWA and undo the changes in step 2

Essentially it seems to be an issue with the account being used to log in, not so much the actual app itself - so doing this disconnects and then reconnects the account.

You will not lose any of your currently saved game data, that’s all stored within the Google account (or whatever account your used to register)


Thank you for respondong back but we weren’t able to get that to work. I have attached the error message she is getting.

All of her locations are open and the actual app permissions are turned on. I am not sure if it runs on the same permissions but she plays Pokemon go all the time which is why she is really looking forward to this game.