Galimimus DNA


Hi anyone can share where to get more galimimus DNA. The common one.


Hello there. From incubators in arena 8+.


Sorry 8+ is? I am now in Sorna Marshes…still not there or over?


The next arena Jurassic Ruins. It may be the next areana but it’s a huge step. You need 4000 :trophy: to enter, I’ve made it to 3909 but usually bat around 3750. Only good news is you can get Galli in 12 and 24 incubators and as event rewards occasionally. Also it is sometimes Dino of the day or what ever they call it and has a tonne of attempts when this happens so be prepared to call in Sick to work if you wanna get them all. It’s worth it though Monominimus is the Shiz!


Hi, thank u so much, i just get into Sorna Marshes so i guess i better hope for event, and have sick leave reason as u said…lol


Dino featured event. Common 60 atempt, rare 24 and epic 6. Common 3 day, rare 2 day, epic 2 day. It change every weeks. Last weeka ia flying dino. Juat wait for next week featured dino i hope it galilimus.