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Galli is no joke in the lower arenas

I went down some arenas for fun and play with dinos I usually don’t get to play with. I decided to try out my 15 Gallimimus and that thing is no joke! I feel bad for my last opponent. My little Galli took out his 16 Allosaurus with all of the dodges it got.

I don’t have Monomimus (yet), but if the Galli is any indication, I can set why it is so annoying to everyone! I’m also saying that people in the lower arenas should take advantage of the event. Galli is not a bad one to have on the team!

I used my galli until the 3500 trophies lol. It was amazing

I’ve never used Galli while in Sorna because I missed all the special events until then but the past few strike events had definitely been real eye openers! If I were to play this game all over again, Galli or Orthni would be on my team for sure

Another dino that usually surprise people at lower arena is Kentrosaurus. That non-armored-but-looked-armored herbivore had turned a lot of matches around for me

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Same with Kentrosaurus for me as well till about mid-Marshes. Was in the same boat as you for Galli and Orthni, but I think people laughed when they saw Kentrosaurus come out and then got upset when he took down something to win the match. Or took down one opening of the match with a solid chunk of health left.

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