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Gallidominus (Gag Creature)

So I was playing Lego Jurassic World and made a Gallimimus. I called it Gallidominus, and I thought, “What if I made this a thing for JWA?” And here we are! Simple backstory, but here we go.

Health: 3600
Attack: 1500
Speed: 130
Armor: 0%
Critical: 30%

Fierce Strike
Revenge Shattering Rampage
Rampage And Run
Long Cloak (Cloak For Two Turns)
50% Rend
100% Speed Decrease
100% Distraction
100% Vulnerable
100% DOT
100% Stun
100% Swap Prevention
100% Critical Reduction

If this seems OP, it’s because I designed it to be a gag. It can beat a Tryko who doesn’t crit, and Max in mindgames. It’s mostly everything good about the old Erlidominus and the new Indominus in one basically. Can’t distract, but most things cleanse it anyway, so pfft. Thoughts?

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The long cloack doesn’t seem like a good idea, let your stats and resistances be fine, but it would be more balanced if you have DPR instead of RSR and the revenge cloack. also the resistances are very broken, some drop to 75% or 67% in my humble opinion