Gallimimus and Irritator


where do I find both of them? Do they normally spawn in the environment or only at events?

These dinosaurs are rewards for battle incubators exclusively. Gallimimus starts dropping when you get to arena 8, whilst irritator starts at 5. Unless Ludia features them in the weekly showcase (which they often do), we cannot find them in the wild

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:
Well thats not so good for me but lets see what the future brings.

So, I got to level 19 and got to do two gallimimus events at 29 dna per dart… I have more of it then I’ll ever use because mono is so hard to find.

All the irritator events came when I was 2-3 levels lower and so I don’t have much of that… I assume that another round will let me seriously do some damage on him now.

Level up and get the most out of the weekly events when it comes to arena exclusives