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Gallimimus - common? Yeah, right


Seriously. Why do they even pretend to call this thing common? It’s not even out in the real world, and I’ve been in arena 8 for a while and maybe get 25 or so dna every few incubators. I mean, I’ll get about 200 Triceratops Gen2, but not Gallimimus, oh no… It just sucks. What’s the point of having an incubator only, certain level only dino if yhou never even get the damn thing’s dna? Frustrated, and I can’t even imagine how much you need to fuse to make Monomimus. I mean, I have an easier time stocking up on monolauphosaurus…

Rant over. Carry on.


I’ve seen galli numerous times out there in the real world, I’ve even managed to get it up to level 14, it is out there but not so common and yes I agree, it should be easy to find for a common.


well, we just had it in an event a few weeks ago where you could dart it up to 30 (?) times. mine is level 15, monomimus is level 19. can’t really complain. it is in incubators, just not very often.


It’s really frustrating those arena 8 incubators keep giving me stygi g2 and irritator G2 instead of Gallimimus…


Never seen it in the wild and since my town has ZERO event drops I didn’t get any there either.


It was only out there for the event. It is not a wild spawn. It’s arena incubator only.


I guess I have been lucky since I usually get around 200 DNA out of the 8, 12 or 24hr incubators.
I would love more since I need to rank up my Monomimus


I discovered it out in the wild before the big update and have seen it and got DNA in the wild since, not just at the event or in incubators.


Outside of the event drop I’ve not seen them anywhere. All I can assume is that some commons are more common than others.


Got most of mine out strike events/arena 8.


I’ve gotten easily at least a couple dozen arena 8 incubators, including a 12 AND a 24 hr, and can only remember getting some once. But that damn Gen2 Triceratops? It just keeps on coming.


Gallimimus is a battle incubator reward ONLY Dino for arena rank 8

Thus it is NOT found in the wild outside of events.


It is also not guaranteed in any incubator. The only Dino that is guaranteed is stygy in 8 hour ones. At a rate of 15 dna per 8 hour for a rank 8 player, I forget how much you obtain at lower ranks


Ummm yeah, from events. Weren’t you paying attention when you captured them or to the events in general?


You must be playing a different game than the rest of us because in this one it’s arena exclusive and was literally only released with the big update :sweat_smile:


I am beyond tired of getting tons of useless stygi gen 2 dna from such a high level incubator


Or she must be getting confused with the Ornithomimus, if it was not that event!


Oh good point! They do look alike when you’re darting them.


You’re probably thinking of Ornithomimus, which does spawn in the wild. As said before, Gallimimus is from incubators only, and the special event a few weeks ago.


Finally got 250 in a 3 hour incubator… Enough to edge me into level 15, now to save for monomimus… this is going to take forever. At least I have a ton of monolauphosaurus saved up.