Gallimimus common?!?!?

It’s meant to be a common Dino but I haven’t seen even ‘one’ in the wild since it was introduced to the game? And I’m trying to create this monominus hybrid (as much as I dislike this new Dino) it seems crucial to battles now :roll_eyes:. Kinda wish this game just stuck with real dinos instead of all these ridiculous hybrids.

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It’s not in the wild. You get it in strike towers like cunning creatures, event weeks occasionally and Arena 8 and above incubators.

Ive got 38k of its DNA waiting for more Mono. You can get a lot of it.

my situation is similar. Monomimus at level 19 and 13061 DNA of Gallimimus waiting for some Monolophosaurus to appear (more or less every 15 days).

Yap. Monolophosaurus is actually the limiting factor not galli

Miss both personally, did not have the chance to chase them when they were there in dinosaur of the week :expressionless:

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Gallilimus is an exclusive incibator DNA as above. U cannot get from wild. Special event is different story. But since its common, its easy to get in battle… so just continue play a lot of battle.

It is the same like irritator, exclusive incubator DNA that cannot be find in the wild. So whenever you see a player with level 28 Magnapyritator (for example), u will know that player has played “million” battles. Unlikely he hunt irritator in wild.

Same also when if you see high level Paramoloch or Alanqa/alankylo dino example, it DEFINITELY reflects how many battles that player has played to reach that level. Not hunt from wild

Opposite for me…that last fuse just had to stop short of creating it, didnt it?!

Jealous of that 15 days. I’ve seen a total of 1!
Love that pretty chicken too

I’m having a horrible time getting galli. I’m in the right arena to get it but I rarely get more than 20 DNA per incubator. If at all. I’ve got a ton of mono. Makes me sad. :frowning: