Gallimimus - How hard are you having to work


24 hours in I have now had 21 attempts; walked to work past a few event drops and picked up a couple plus some others. Then a stroke of luck - there are two event drops 5 minutes from the office and there is also a regular rare spawn point there - so far the drops have consistently delivered Gallimimus - nothing else. So basically I wait for the rare to appear - walk down there, get that and 2 Gallimimus and replenish darts. And repeat. Level 8 1/2 now :). Oh for a bigger park.


Gave up yesterday after not seeing a single one, not even a veloci… went for parasaurolophus last night. Imao, may drive today to a big park, and just wish for the best. Gallimimus is a huge challenge.


I went for 100% galliminus. Quit immediately went also for V. Raptor. Pleasant walk round a big park now halfway. Plan on doing same tomorrow.

Hey don’t judge me.


There was 1 event point spawn Galli about 300m from my lab, able to collect some…
Yes, I said was.

Now it changed to a Tany, and the closest park with 2 Galli points is several km away.:disappointed_relieved:
Only able to collect 20 attempts.


To make the hybrid out of galliminus I need to do all the attemps on them and average 220 per galliminus. It’s not difficult but the challenge is to find enough galliminus ! Still 25 more to go


Is Monomimus (hybrid from Gallimimus) really worth it?

Is Momomimus that OP over Monostegotops? I see it has that evasive stance and deflects all negative effects. But it’s health and attack seems poor. Also, considering it to be an Arena 8 Incubator Exclusive, would it be even feasible to collect further DNAs if required?

I originally planned to go for Gallimimus only with the intent to create Monomimus (just for collection). I already had some good amount of DNA from an incubator purchase, so thought this should be doable. Went to park1, started with Gallimimus only. Considering the time it takes to collect each, I am now not sure if I would be able to take out time even collecting 48 of these things (even if I capture raptor along with gallimimus) considering we have been given just 2 days.


Got my Gallomimus up to level 15 but for the Monomimus it requires 500 Gallo DNA for every fuse. Without Gallo being in the wild I went all out for them on this event, and it’s still going to be really tough to fuse for the Monomimus.


That thas been going on in my head too, but I think monostegotops is a better alternative. Easier to level up, and has armor with crit :grin:

Monomimus is just very pretty looking though, I want


That’s a nice point! Armor and Crit!! I didn’t think about that.

With the limited time I can take out now due to work, I will just stick to collecting supply drops and treasure hunts :smile:


It has really strongs stats. The monostegostops is slow, and it can be debuffed.

Monominus on the other side has a speed of 129, meaning it can outspeed most of the dino to decrease their attack but moreover he is immune so it can’t be slowed down or stunned…

If you don’t see and advantage in this I can’t help you !


I didn’t say I don’t see any advantage in Monomimus. I was trying to get an opinion from the game experts over here (assuming some of them would have already got it by now) if Monomimus is that OP over other available options.

If I had the time, I would would not want to miss this opportunity to farm only 48 Gallimimus.
Considering this event is split between 4 dinos and is open for a total of just 2 days, getting those many dinos seems not feasible for myself. So just wanted to assure/comfort myself that I am not loosing something critical. :slight_smile:



6 attempts left :confounded:


100% Galliminus for me too. I don’t know why the front page recommends going for V-rapotors. Who cares if it’s a lot of dna to evolve the raptors are already all over the place. If you drive for a mile you can pick up 5. Galliminus, however, was never even in my collection until yesterday.

Fortunately I live in Los Angeles and Griffith park is astounding for park events.

Seeing as you have a one in 3 chance I would say look at google maps, find the biggest green patch you can closest to you and make a day trip out of it. Grab some food and start a loop. Maybe bounce between 2 big parks while you wait for re-spawn.

PS: having used almost all my darts on Galli and still shy 4 spawns I was only able to get up to level 13, not even close for the hybrid evolve… so save it all for Galli!!!


Need to go sleep now… :slight_smile:


I’ve used 17 out of my 48 chances so far (7 V-Raptor and 10 Gallimimus)…so I don’t think I’ll even come close to using all 48 attempts by the time the event closes. :sweat_smile:

But that’s okay. Based on how the event was set up, I think we all knew it was gonna be tough. Which makes the Monomimus reward all that much sweeter for those who were (and will be) able to unlock it.


I’ve managed to find 2 but at least that means I have it 2nd level.


I haven’t got any, and I don’t think I will now. There was one when the event first began (which I couldn’t get to at the time), and ever since it’s just been Tany’s and a couple of raptors in all of my nearest special event drops.


Did 4 atempts of 48 in this event lol, only saw trash tanycolagerus and deinocherus, i only wanted more raptors to feed my indoraptor but no way


Just 11 Galimimus, they were next home but it change to V-Raptor, Tanicolagreus and Deinocheirus! Soo sad :cry:


It’s a hard choice… But I feel that velociraptors are slowly spawning again… Where as I haven’t seen any Gali… At all before this event. Head over to larger parks if you can …