Gallimimus know where to be found?!?


I live in Forney TX, also spend a lot of time in Dallas. I have yet to see a gallimimus in the wild ever and I’ve been playing for three months. Does anybody else see them it know why this is? I’m level 14 and play everyday. It’s a damn common.


Hey mate Gallimimus is a arena specific Dino which means you’ve gotta be in arena 8 “Jurassic Ruins” to get it in incubators.
The exceptions are 12/24hr incubators and the two occasions (in the couple of months I’ve been playing) that it was Dino of the day or what ever they call it with the green doovywhata above them. When it pops up again get hunting Monominimus is awesome


Thank you, just broke the 4K mark and saw that lol