Gallimimus Rocks Indominus


I think this bird is my new fave!! HAHA!! Dodged everything!


Amazing :joy::joy::joy: gonna have to give it a go just for fun lol


Size doesn’t matter as always


Ornithomimus is my new favourite precisely for reasons like this :slight_smile:


I got one more hit in and took damage in return, then he ran before this amazing little chicken could finish him off!


Wow! How did you manage to boost it to level 26? I haven’t seen a single one since the event…


That’s friendly battle!


RNG hell. 20 characters


Wow! My galli is at level 14 imma put her in my team and see how she goes :joy: well done tho!


Friendly battle! Every creature gets set to level 26!


One more level and it will be ready to be hybridized


I used my Ornithomimus in a friendly battle against my brother’s newly-created Postimetridon. Both of us were pumped up to 26. He couldn’t land a single hit, poor guy.

Then he brought out the Velociraptor. Pounce landed and critted >.< I didn’t last long after that hit. But the bird is a wonderful little bundle of RNG joy.