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Gambling or Betting on Real PvP Matches

Here is an idea I don’t think I’ve seen.

Let us make bets on real PvP matches that are going on.

This is how this would work.

1st - You go into a match betting screen and select the amount of coins, cash or DNA you want to risk loosing. (This will have a limit on the amounts of each).

2nd - Select “Place Bet” on a team. (This will go to a waiting screen for the next team to start a battle)

3rd - The teams that will battle will see a notification their match is being bet upon and will get a 30 second timer while the better chooses a team. Neither team will know who was bet on or the name of the better. The better will not see the names of the players… only their teams 4 dinosaurs that will be battling.

4th - The match will start and the better will be able to see the match as it happens.

5th - If the team you picked wins, you gain double what you bet. If your team looses, you loose what you bet.

6th - The team that wins will get the original amount of coins, cash or DNA that was bet. This will make up for the extra wait to start the match and give both players more reason to win.

This will add more value to the PvP side of the game and something more to do on “rainy days”.

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I will bet all my rexy dna on that team of 28-30 uniques in Lockdown.


interesting idea but what if someone purposely lose a fight? to help out a friend who put a huge “money” on the weaker opponent :stuck_out_tongue:

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Player trading has arrived :sunglasses:

You won’t know who the names of the teams you are betting on and players won’t know the name of the player placing the bet. Your picking between the best dino’s.

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ohh :slight_smile: well if Ludia wants to increase its playerbase than sounds good :slight_smile: people with gaming addictions and now people with gambling addictions will come :smiley:


In theory, people should win more than 50% of bets seeing the teams but can still lose often to RNG or someone’s signal loss or a phone call.


My first idea was to suggest being able to watch matches as they happen but I knew this would get instantly old after watching 2 matches. That is when I thought of gambling on matches. That would make it interesting to watch as you want the team you pick to win and then you would yell at and throw your phone when they make a stupid move… hence why they should not let you see the names of the players :rofl:

This could he easily manipulated.
Someone could just get a bunch of friends.
Bet on one person and let the other person purposely lose, then they would gain off of it.

There was a time when me and my wife were the same level in trophies (within 30) and purposely would hit battle at the exact same time and only ever managed to battle each other once… ever.

While waiting for a person to decide who to gamble on, the two players will not know who their team is till the battle actually starts… only the one person making the bet.

Say you try to manipulate things by changing your friends team to all commons (easy to identify) and try to time it just right that your the one making the bet against this friend to win some DNA or something. This will be the reason for a max limit of any DNA which will be very little Unique DNA. For example, the max amount of Unique DNA they may allow in one bet could be only 1 for the simple reason they don’t want to turn this into a players sole way to level dinos or to get coins and cash.

If betting is allowed they will look at this and most likely set a limit on how many times you can bet in a day just like limits on coins, cash from drops and scents, how much DNA you can donate and how many requests you can make.

The other thing Ludia can do is you can only make bets on dino’s DNA you have unlocked. This way they would not have to be so limiting and newbie players won’t be able to use unique DNA they got from being bet upon to turn around and create unique’s before its time by using the DNA they got to bet with and create one.

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Your experience with your wife doesnt translate over to the top of the leader board. These guys have stated on here they can tell who their fighting based off of what dinos they see. Some give aways include stegod… orni… indom… posti…rex…stegocera

How many times during a tournament do you think someone from apex fought another person in apex
Possibly while their both in discord. With that certain alliance gone I bet is more then previous tournaments.

There are Casino apps for you to throw your money away on. Silly suggestion :clown_face:

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Your right ! Gambling does waste ur money more. Soo if this suggestion is too push the gambling system even more further. Then ya cant complain about ludia being a money hungry LOL. I honestly dont like the gambling thing i mean. Alot of people is already frustrated about the rng as it is… and having no control over ur matches or dodges u get then… losing isnt fun…
There are games who uses strategy more and that kind of pvp is fun because when u lose and get outplay. U can use that knowledge on the next match to win… and when you lose it felt like oo thats my mistake , ill do better next time. But the rng ? If you lose all because the enemy indorap dodges more than yours did ? And u have a higher-level and still lost ? You cant even grasp on why you lose. It felt like

i wasted my money and time to level up something that wont dodge or crit. My level 26 thor rarely crits or even stun but the lower level enemy did. Even when my thor was 24 and 25 less than 40% crit.

Also i dont get why sometimes the enemy dodges 3 times then dodges 3 times again LOL HOW DO U WIN IN THAT ?


And it doesnt mean that your a bad player. It really doesnt. You have no control over it.

What if your on a crazy losing streak ? And lost all your coins ? Buy another one with real cash to gamble again ? NOPE

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My dodging had been insanely good recently, so good that I feel bad for the opponent.

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Thats good because having no evasive or dodges at all are much worse and cause more pain…

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