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Game after month, what else I should (or Shoudnt) do?

Hi all, so… here is my game exactly after month of daily playing. If someone have tips what I should do, I will happy. I am going to made maxed Labyrinthosaurus and two maxed Utahraptors + get a T.Rex to level 30 and hatch that one Sarco. this week. On Wednesday, when my instant hatcheries will be avaiable I thinking, what i should Hatch - Suchoripterus and Einasaurus or Suchoripterus and Acantropelta? Or someone else maybe?


I would definitely work on your coin production. Hatch all the dinos the game gives you and try to keep your market as clear as possible. If you can do that, it will benefit you when you unlock the trade harbor. If not, it’s not a big deal, but you ain’t get as good trades. I can’t emphasize working on coin production enough. Once that becomes basically an unlimited resource, then you can use them to get other resources and dinos.


Actually I get 700 000 cca after 3 hours, food production needs 300 000 cca for a 6 hours, that means coins should go up a sligty. When I will be able to get least 1. mil. per 3 hours, I will upgrade my food production

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I speed hatch all my lower level dinos (commons and rares) on Tuesday during the 20% hatchery discount in the first hatchery spot. I then put in dinos that will take 2 or more days to hatch in all 4 spots. I hatch them on Thursday (no discount) and buy dinos with the 20% DNA discount.

For you since you’re not buying a bunch of hybrids right now, I would just fill the first hatchery with your quick hatches (under a day) and the other 3 spots with your long hatches (5-7 days). You have some tournament dinos you can put in there. Hatch all of those (especially your pairs). Being a VIP you’re going to get a lot of legendaries. Just keep those hatcheries pumping and try not to spend DBs on anything else so you can save them to put them in the hatcheries.